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F3 MeCa | August 22, 2019

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Perfect Weather

  • When: 12/29/18
  • QIC: Luthor
  • The PAX: Hops; Popeye; Look Me Up; Cupid; Total Package; Private Ryan; El Ab; Spud; Catfish; Psycho T; Mighty Mouse

11 gentlemen decided not to wait on their New Years resolution to get exercise. We were rewarded with beautiful weather.
Warm up:
Mosey to parking lot of spine and neurosurgeon:
SSH ic x20
Hillbillies ic x20
Arm circles
Mountain climbers ic x20
The Thang:
Mosey down burrage to Bradley st. to the top of the drive way at Calvary church. Broke into 2 groups.
Group 1 ran down drive way, 10 merks at the bottom and back up.
Group 2 performs an exercise at the top of the drive way until group 1 gets back.
Then the groups switch up.
Exercise at the bottom is always 10 merks. Exercise at the top changed each time and looked like this:
Star jumps
Core killers
Core killers
Mosey back to ASEC.
2 minute plank.
Child’s pose
Pigeon stretch
Standing back stretch
Touch your toes
Good workout. That steep drive way is a killer.
Coffeteria was high quality and extended time. The Q decreed that we were all to go to the same place for coffee, so we followed El Ab to GW. The Q, Hops, and Popeye made an extra stop after coffee to get donuts for the kids.
I’m thankful I joined F3. F3 mornings are the best mornings.
Aye, Luthor

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