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F3 MeCa | May 27, 2020

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1K Victory laps for Hot Wheels and Anvil

  • When: 12/29/18
  • QIC: Heatstroke
  • The PAX: Hot Wheels, Anvil, Trail Mix, Gordo, Major Pain, Dingo, 2 Step, The Farm, Landlord, Brutus, Buffalo Bill, Heatstroke

YHC was driving in to an unseasonable mild gloom to the familiar sight of a shirtless, sweaty Anvil getting in a pre-run in anticipation of his 2018 1K Victory Lap with the boys.  We were joined by 2 Step, Dingo, Major Pain, Trail Mix and Gordo.  0530.  Time to go.  Down Prosperity.  Right on Mallard Creek.  Left on Governors.  Right on Claude Freeman.  Left and up Senator Royal – which 2 Step complained about earlier in the route – gotta love it when the fast guy starts whining:)  The good lord may have not liked his complaining as 2 Step nearly got trampled by a couple of deer.  Dingo and Trail Mix turn left on MC and head back to launch.  The rest of us head to the neighborhood behind TJs.  We kind of break off some of the route and exit out the back of the neighborhood on Galloway.  Unfortunately, this appears to have ruined Astrovan’s plan to run the last mile with Anvil to reach 1K as he was hanging out on Claude Freeman looking for us.  Sorry brother.  We hit Mallard Creek, turn left, then to Prosperity, right and back to the AO.  About 6 miles in all.  Great job by all as this was a bit of an extended run.

COT: Gremlin 1/19 – sign up!!  Winter Party 1/26 – sign up!!  Huge congrats to Anvil on reaching 1K miles in 2018!  Also Huge congrats to Hot Wheels for ALSO reaching 1K miles in 2018! (see below)

0635 or so. Time for second route as YHC’s training plan calls for 13 miles today.  We endure wholesale substitutions as all who joined me for the first route depart and a new cast of characters emerge.  Brutus, The Farm (and M,) Buffalo Bill, and Hot Wheels – who needs 1 single mile to reach 1K join YHC and we are off.  Landlord comes flying in on foot and joins the group as we start the run.  We head up Prosperity, right on Johnston Oehler Rd and all the way to MCP where the 0700 beatdown is going down.  It is slow going for YHC on this second leg.  We reach MCP and see some of our MeCa brothers all bundled up like we are dealing with sub 30 temps and not the actual 50+ degree temps that truly exist.  Skipper is wearing his Notre Dame gear as he has a few more hours before their national title hopes are officially destroyed by my Tigers.  Stretchy is out there – hey man – we got weekday workouts too:)  A couple of fist bumps, high fives and we return the way we came.  We arrive at launch after another 6ish miles.  Appreciate y’all dragging me to the finish.

Moleskin:  Solid crowd for the last Saturday cruise of 2018.  Great temps to be sure.  Appreciate everybody coming out.  It was good to do a little catching up with everyone after the holidays.  Big congrats again to Hot Wheels and Anvil on eclipsing 1000 miles in 2018.  That takes a lot of effort and consistent dedication.  Well done.  Apparently Landlord challenged The Farm’s manhood by stating that he would never beat him in a race.  Buffalo Bill’s Strava feed is still the place to be as apparently he cloned himself, and then ran with his clone, then they both ran their first mile in 1 second, then leveled off a bit.  Amazing stuff.  Good thing YHC had jumper cables to jump start BB’s car or he might still be out there with his clone clocking 1 second miles.  Great job gents and happy new year!



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