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F3 MeCa | January 26, 2021

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12 Days of Christmas!

  • When: 12/22/18
  • QIC: Catfish
  • The PAX: 4Wide, Hop Hunter, Moolah, Urlacher, Extractor, Anvil, Amway, Ole Blue, Shooter, Fire Chicken, Ragnar, Loafer, G-Vegas, Sun Dollar, Grandmaster, Gunny, Chicken Strip, Capt Morgan, Rooster, Sir Top’em, El Ab, Psycho T, Priv Ryan, Grover, Backdraft, Frostbite, Lex, Hops, Homeland, Popeye, Total Package and Gooney

It was a Christmas celebration convergence with Kannon, Concord and Afton on a perfect weather morning!

Warmup:  Mosey behind Credit Union for 20 SSH, 15 Hillbillies and 2 10 count TP Hamstring stretches

Thang: Mosey to Village Park Shelter 1 for one of my favorite Circle Circuit AYG Beatdowns that plays like the 12 Days of Christmas Song.  Pax complete Day 1, then Day 2, 1, then Day 3, 2, 1 etc.  The day also represents the number of reps although some exercises are in cadence and others are a set of exercises i.e. Day 2 is 2 sets of 12 step lunge walks (a little confusion about that even though Q explained).  Here are the 12 Days.

  1. Mosey from shelter area around Carousel and back (approx. 180 yards)
  2. 12 lunge walk sets
  3. Star Jumps
  4. Broad Jumps
  5. Pull-ups
  6. WWII (IC)
  7. Dead Hang knee raises
  8. Burpees (always a crowd pleaser)
  9. Peter Parkers
  10. Goblet Squats
  11. Core Killers
  12. Mountain Climbers (IC)

4 Pax (that I know of) completed the song (Grover, FrostBite, Prvt Ryan and Fire Chicken) Other Pax ranged from Day 8 up to Day 12 (Your Q finished Day 11) the added run around Carousel added the extra yardage to keep Pax pushing

Mary:  Only time for one exercise and most knew what that was going to be.  J-Lows 15 IC although Q’s voice cracked at 10 so some stopped there.  (Grover refused to do anymore)

Moleskin:  Q had adrenaline rush with so many brothers there to lead.  Much energy in the air as we had Anvil with his brethren doing a prerun and our lovable Backdraft chirping about who knows what to start the Q.  The sound of the SSH cadence call was impressive.  Q had texts popping his watch up to 30 seconds before start as Hops made a mad dash from ASEC to get there on time.  Chicken Strip per normal arrived late.  The name circle was interesting  as each Pax Group does it a little different.  Afton showed strong with me counting 9 strong (somewhat tough to count because of our Bi-Paxuals)  Q found another proud TarHeel in Extractor always good to add to our group, Homeland and Fire Chicken were happy with me gaining extra support. My “Favorite High Priced Lawyer” (Joe likes that description) even followed the white board exercise, that was his Christmas present to Q.   My favorite part of this workout is the constant support and encouragement that you see being giving to everyone as they push themselves to get better.  Numerous pax told me after prayer circle that the completed more days than they did last year.  That is what it is all about Brothers pushing each other to personally get better.-Source led by Loafer was solid at French Express as we talked thru loving our Ms like Christ Loved the Church. Take away open the door and car door for your M, show her you love her and you know part of your job is to keep her safe!  Safe travels for all during the Christmas rush we are about to embark and prayers out to our brethren that are hurt, Digit’s family in Lexington, SC, Anvil’s dad with a staff infection and us to Love our Ms completely.

P.S. Go Heels against UK today (Even Lex will pull for us because his father-inlaw is a UK guy)

Aye, Catfish

Fire Chicken

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