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F3 MeCa | March 1, 2021

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Bar Crawl

  • When: 12/19/2018
  • QIC: Spud VQ
  • The PAX: Total Package, Psycho T, Bay City Roller, Look Me Up, Hipbone, KGB, El Abogado, Nails, Finish Line, Mighty Mouse, Private Ryan, Grover, Mountie, Popeye, Neverland, Homeland, Spud

P 17 PAX ripped themselves from the comfort of their fartsacks to join YHC in 30 degree temps and experience the popping of Spud’s Q cherry.
Mosey from the dreamy OCT lot down Brumley by way of Cabarrus to vacant lot across from Southern Strain to a messy conglomeration of gravel and cracked pavement.
SSH x 20 (IC)
Hillbillies x 20SLOW Cotton Pickers x 10Arm Circles forward/backward
Mosey back up Cabarrus to Local 25.
Split into 3 groups to attack 5 stations over a half mile (give or take) loop visiting some of the local establishments in downtown Concord:
Station 1: 25 merkins at Local 25 (Self-Explanatory)Station 2: 20 airsquats at the Basement (Video game squats)Cross Union Street at crosswalk and bunny hop up alley to Red Hill brewery (bar HOPPING)Station 3: 15 carolina dry docks at Red Hill (Body shape of hill to do exercise)Station 4:10 core killers at Lil Roberts back patio (Lil Rob’s added a lot to my core)Bunny hop back down alley (bar HOPPING)Station 5: 5 walk out merkins at Streakers (First time I walked in, it was empty, so I walked back out)Cross union at library crosswalkRepeato until Mary.
Mary called at 6:08 and head back to smooth OCT pavement.
MARYBoxcutters x 14LBC x 14 (IC)Low Flutter x 14 (IC)KGBs x 14 (IC)Brogatime
MOLESKIN:Some grumbling about the slightly loose gravel surface for the warmup, Q will research ideal surface for side straddle hops for next time.  All got well into a 3rd rotation, with the faster among us getting into a 4th.  All seemed to get a good lather going, with the alley bunny hops receiving the bulk of the side-eye and the bulk of the modifications.  Duly noted, I’m here to get better in all facets.  Q tried to not get into a comedy routine while laying out the thing, but when you got it, you flaunt it.   I gained some weight over the past few years, partially due to the bar, so I just wanted to give a little bit of that back.  Qdrenaline definitely is a thing, as I am not used to running near the front of the PAX.
Thanks to all, present and not, who have guided me to this point over the last 4 months. I set a goal about a month in that I wanted to have my VQ before the end of 2018, and as time grew shorter, the time was now.  F3 has been a blessing to me, as I’ve shed 14 pounds (hence the 14 reps at Mary) since I started on 8/16/18, and can spend more time with my family, have adopted better nutritional habits, and have more guys I can call friends.  Thanks to El Ab and KGB for sticking on me and getting me here, sharing early mornings with the Pax is better than whatever else I’d be doing during that time (sleeping).  All of you push me to be better each day and there’s nothing better than waking up and getting the day going right with my F3 brethren.  
“Opportunity does not knock, it presents itself when you beat down the door”- Coach Taylor


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