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F3 MeCa | December 9, 2019

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The 100

  • When: 12/12/2018
  • QIC: Private Ryan
  • The PAX: Indy, Grover, El Ab, Psycho T, Nails, Popeye, BCR, Luthor, Ace, LMU, Hip

12 PAX showed for a balmy 25 degree beat down amidst the black ice and snow banks.  


Mosey to the 2nd level of parking deck dodging the black ice and snow banks.

10 mtn climbers 

10 cotton pickers

Left-over-right / right-over-left

5 walk-out mercs

Arm circles

Mosey to third level of deck

The thang:

100 SSH

90 second plank

80 KGB’s

70 Merks

60 Daft Punks

50 Bench dips

40 Crunchy frog / freddie merc combo (going to petition to call these PR’s since BCR’s encyclopedic knowledge of all things nickname / workout related stated it was unclaimed)

30 Drydocks

20 Burpees

10 minute run with mix of stairwell and ramps

Time called with only Hip sticking his toe into repeato territory.  




Backwards runner’s stretch b/c Q didn’t know better. 

This is my snowed/rained-in, hotel room, escape to my bedroom workout when I need a break from my loving family.  Seemed appropriate given the weather conditions these days.  Lots of groans however as it is meant to blast a particular muscle group until exhaustion, then move on to another.  Panthers took the conversational lead this morning — consensus being only Cam, CMC, and Luuuuuke should return.  Everybody else should retire or head to the CFL.  Solid coffeeteria was had at Starbucks.  El Ab even broke his 6-month boycott to attend — can you imagine what Evan and the crew at Groundworks would think?

Prayers for the family we adopted.  Hip will be sending out a spreadsheet for what’s needed.  In short though, it’s a single-mother of 5 and she’s requesting the basics (toiletries, clothing, etc) — which we’ll do.  But we should also step-up and spoil the flip out of those kids.  We’re blessed men, so lets bless them.

Always an honor-


  • On December 12, 2018

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