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F3 MeCa | May 27, 2020

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Group Therapy at The Mill

  • When: 11/03/18
  • QIC: Grandmaster
  • The PAX: Ragnar, Flea, Rooster, FireChicken, Gunny, Backdraft, Amway, FNG Troy Smith (Smitty), Steel Cannon, Big Tuna

9 dashing dudes (including an FNG), some hot poultry, and one motor mouth got out of bed this morning to shake off a week of work weariness. The Q promised to avoid burpees, squats and Merkins and hit some under utilized muscle groups. Here’s what he came up with. 

Mosey to parking deck, get a plate and circle up for 


SSH x25 IC

IST x15 IC

Cotton Pickers x10 IC

Arm Circles


Roman chair side by side and pass plate up and down row x2

Plank up side by side and pass plate up and down row x2


Circle up with plates.

One pax runs up two ramps and down stairs back to group while group performs exercises in order:


Skull crushers

Bent over rows

Overhead press

Upright rows

Dead lifts


Calf raises (on plate)

Lying plate pull overs

Weighted LBCs

Each pax ran as the timer twice. At this point FireChicken and Backdraft decided they had had enough and ran away. The men continued on. 

Partner up:

Side crunches with plate x15 each side 

Leg throw downs with a partner x10, switch positions 

Oblique Leg Throw Downs with a partner x10, switch positions 


Return plates and Indian Run to AO for 


Plank barrel roll 

Broga stretches 


The morning started with many reminiscing (complaining) about the Friday beat down and how sore they were. Amway introduced us to his friend Troy Smith from Cary. Passport Pax Big Tuna joined us as we were pulling away from the AO. He received the name Smitty after the beat down. The circle of Pax seemed to grow smaller throughout the workout. Either we were cold or we just like each other that much, not sure which. The circle provided for much mumble chatter during the workout which of course was mostly Backdraft saying stupid things.


Prayers for FireChicken’s aunt Jackie, Ragnar’s grandfather and the upcoming election. Get educated on the options and get out and vote

Always an honor guys.

In HIS Service,



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