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F3 MeCa | May 31, 2020

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Forgot My Tibata Timer

  • When: 10/12/18
  • QIC: Grandmaster
  • The PAX: FireChicken, Gunny, MaBell

5 mighty men of valor braved the first truly autumn-like morning in some time and four of them even decided to join the beat down the Q had planned for them. SirTopemHat decided to go for a run since he is “training” for a half marathon. I swear I saw him with a Hardee’s bag in his hand after our workout. The rest of us moseyed to the parking deck to get familiar with some plates.


SSH x25 IC

IST x10 IC

Cotton Pickers x10 IC

Arm Circles


The thought was to simulate a tibata workout but without the annoying timer that is never loud enough anyway. One man performed a movement while the pax worked with plates. The timer then switched to a core workout while the pax recovered.

1 or 2 plates, 3 rotations of Pax timers

Timer: 10 Burpees, 20 LBCs



Skull crushers 


Bent over rows 

Military Press


1 Plate Standing, 2 rotations of Pax timers

Timer: Mosey up and down ramp, 10 Freddie Mercs, repeat


switch hands after one lap

Shoulder flies

Lawn mowers

Front shoulder raises

Oblique crunches

1 or 2 Plates on 6, 1 rotation of Pax timers

Timer: 10 lunges each leg, 10 KGBs


Plate LBCs

Plate pullovers 

Leg raises


Mosey back to the flag. 


No time for that as we arrived at the flag at 0615. 

I think everyone (except SirTopemHat) got a pretty good full body workout. Hope the other pax agree.

COT: Prayers for FireChicken’s uncle and aunt and Gooney’s mom. Also lifted up those who were affected by hurricane Michael.

As always it was a blast and an honor to lead you men (except for SirTopemHat).

Min HIS Service,



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