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F3 MeCa | July 14, 2020

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No Rain Gonna Stop An Afton Beatdown

  • When: 10/10/18
  • QIC: Guinness
  • The PAX: Cupid, Big Blue, Deuce, Anvil, Chicken Strip, Extractor, Amway, Schnitzel, Huggie Bear, Terrible Towel, Booter, 4 Wide, Guinness

13 of Afton’s finest including some passports who descended on Dorton Park weren’t dampened by a wet beatdown. Here’s what happened:



Side straddle Hop X20IC
Imperial storm troopers X20IC
Cotton Pickers x20IC
Windmills x15IC
Low Slow Squat x15IC
Plank Jacks x20IC
Merckens X10IC

The Thang

Run around Afton Loop X2 stopping along the way for 3 exercises
(Ladder down from 10 to 3)
Lunges X10 Each leg
Jump squats X10
Crunchy Frog X 10

Mosey to Tennis Court

Run around tennis courts X3 Stopping at each corner x3
(Lawther down from 10 to 7)
Burpees X10
180 degree jumps
Balls to the wall For 45 seconds
Merckens x10


Flutter Kicks x15Ic
Homer to marge
Box Cutter x10IC
Rosalitas x10IC
Plank 1 minute


Passport Challenge still open for new participants.
Gremlin prep going on. 2 participants from Afton and each AO needed.

Huggie Bear’s sistr in law, Sally, dealing with cancer


YHC has been out of action due to being on Injury Reserve. Part of the reason I Q’d was to do exercise I could do. I realized the 180 degree jump didn’t agree with me. It was perfectly dry for the warmorama and then the rain started. I heard Amway say he never experienced rain in two years of F3. It never rains for beatdowns at Tradition. The great thing about F3 is that it is all weather. Although, I think I heard rumblings that we could have done more exercises in the shelter. True dat. I had planned to do some of the exercises on the gravel but the rain hindered that. I had two purposes in going up the incline – to find concrete to do the exercise but also to joke with Deuce about following the Q. It’s good to be back. I am still not 100% but nearly there. Great to see all the pax. Good to see Booter back. Great work by all the pax. Thanks for the privilege to Q.  See you in the gloom!


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