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F3 MeCa | February 22, 2020

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Fun times and fellowship at the Mill

  • When: 10/8/2018
  • QIC: Anvil
  • The PAX: Backdraft, Grandmaster, Chicken Strip, Gunny, Trickdaddy, Sir Topem Hat, Anvil

7 pax showed up at Kannon started the week off right. Arriving at various times and running various distances. Some even ran different routes altogether and there vehicle in the parking lot was the only sign they where there. Luckily one look at  Strava and we where able to verify that said pax did actually run and  had not walked over to Hardee’s for breakfast. Fairly good weather this morning still kinda humid but at least it’s starting to cool off. The pax covered anywhere from 3.2 miles to 6.7 miles some adding to the beginning some adding to the end average was about 4.3 miles. Great job by all. Good to see Trickdaddy back in the gloom. Glad you made it back safely. Many of the pax **cough** Backdraft are already talking about the next relay and trying to EH participants. YHC tried to refrain from discussion of running and races as to not seem obsessed.  Below is the route that we ran not including any extra done before or after

Until next time thanks for letting me lead



  • On October 10, 2018

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