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F3 MeCa | August 22, 2019

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Another Lasso Loop for RS

  • When: 07/11/18
  • QIC: Roomba
  • The PAX: Sparknut, Heat Stroke, Soprano, Jiffy (Former FNG)

The Thang: Lasso Loop for 5 PAX heading out early this AM

Moleskin: As 5 were present for the cruise at RS today, the Q attempted to plant the flag in some hard ground.  Took longer than expected so we were off a few minutes late.  Q decided on the Lasso Loop as it has been somewhat of a favorite and easy to keep the PAX together.  New named Jiffy and Sparknut led the way completing the 5 mile journey first.  The Q went to make sure everyone turned back causing extra miles and time.  Never saw Soprano once we left the school until heading back, but it appeared he got a good run in.  Nice job everyone!

Circled up and counted off.  FNG was named Jiffy and for those of you there Heat Stroke had plenty of announcements, prays and close out!

Thanks for everyone coming out!  Great job!


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