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F3 MeCa | March 26, 2019

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  • When: 6/13/18
  • QIC: Hipbone
  • The PAX: Private Ryan, Mountie, Deertick, Psycho-T, Indy, El Ab, Luther, KGB, Hops, Skinner

Guess what’s back….Humidity!  After a perfect morning yesterday with 19 strong, 11 pax posted to start their day strong.

Mosey around Parking Lot – High Knee, Butt Kickers

Tried something different today – Yoga Flow and Running or Broga & Runing or Bro-uning.  The Flow detailed below was used for warm up and between quick-paced moseys around a few blocks in each direction:

  • Plank
  • 5 Slow Yoga Merkins (elbows tight to sides, lower half way down and up)
  • Down Dog
  • Right Leg Up
  • Cheetah (Right Knee to Nose)
  • Leg Up
  • Reverse Cheetah (Right Knee to Left elbow)
  • Leg Up
  • Mt. Climber (Right Knee to Right elbow)
  • Leg Up
  • Step Right Foot through to Runners Lunge
  • Arms Up for Crescent Lunge
  • Revolve Crescent Lunge (Left Hand Down/Right Arm Up)
  • Arms Down
  • Warrior 3 – (kick leg left up and balance on right leg – arms/leg parallel to ground – Hold) NOTE: Other balance poses were used as in lieu of W3.
  • With control, lower left leg back to Crescent Lunge
  • Down Dog
  • Repeat above with Left Leg

Mosey around adjacent city blocks back to OCT lot  and Repeat – 4 loops completed


  • Down Dog to Pigeon each side
  • Ab Blaster
    • Deerticks x 20 IC, Bridge
    • KGB’s x 20 IC Bridge
    • Core Killers x 10
  • Superman x 3
  • Shoulder Stretch (New)


This worked out better than I figured.  The yoga, in addition to a good stretch, involved balance and core in all movements.  The short flow really hit the abs when combined with the running.  Be sure to ask Tick and El Ab about their fishing expedition….real Captain Ahab’s they are.  Prayers for Skinner’s Dad, Bill, as he is getting older and slower (a reality I do not look forward to and hope to hold off as long as possible….with the help of all of you), continued healing for Tommy, and Running Eagle and his case of “Hell’s Itch” – a crazy version of sun poisoning.

F2 Thursday, June 28 per Social Chairman Luther

Master Q nominations are now open….hit Indy up privately if interested.

That is all, Hip


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