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F3 MeCa | June 1, 2020

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Skedaddle (and scaling a wall)

  • When: 04/23/18
  • QIC: Blind Date
  • The PAX: Softwood, Forgotten Jelly, Sully, Buckwheat, Ranger, Chicken Coop, Fillibuster, Blind Date

8 pax avoided the fartsack and were rewarded with comfortable temperatures for running and NO rain.  Softwood did the 8K on Saturday and warmed up for it with a 10 mile pre-run.  Understandably so, he skipped out on the pre-run he was planning on doing this morning but he still apologized to everyone and then proceeded to take his rabbit ways to the route.  #tclaps to Buckwheat and Sully for the 8K on Saturday as well.

YHC planned a 3 mile route departing from the manor house as follows:

-Path to the Hall

-Take a left and go out to Christenbury Drive (NOTE:  The pedestrian gate was locked for the first time ever so the pax had to do some scaling of walls)

-Take Christenbury Dr all the way to Highland Creek Parkway

-Take a left onto Highland Creek Parkway and the first left on to Bells Mills

-Cut through near the Christenbury Pool back to Christenbury Drive

-Take a right and first right onto Millstream Ridge to do the horseshoe before returning to Christenbury Drive

-Take left through the Glen and sidewalk to the Path (sure beats scaling the wall)

-Take path from Hall back to Manor House


  • Get your F3 Comanche shirt orders in.  We have only ordered 5 out of 12 needed and Softwood accounts for 4 of them.  YHC has to do that today.



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