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F3 MeCa | April 18, 2021

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Dog Days of Summer are Definitely Here

  • When: 07/21/17
  • QIC: Glock
  • The PAX: Sparky, Morning Buzz, Genie, Dirty Martini, Ambassador, Snip, Grinder, Green Egg, Filmore, Ty Webb, Dr. Drey, Churchill, FNG "Madoff," Glock

14 dedicated men decided to endure the hot and humid weather conditions and finish the work week strong. Here is how it went:


SSH 20

IST 18

Merkins  16

CP  14

WM  12


After warmarama in the parking lot, we got into two lines and headed down toward the park, in indian run fashion (sort of).

  1.  Stopped at the first cul de sac on the way and did 10-1 prisoner merkins, then ran to the picnic shelter.
  2. Partnered up, partner one ran to the street and did 10 burpees while partner two did step ups on the picnic tables. Reverse and repeato, total of three times.
  3. Mosey to the soccer field, where ran from one side of the field to the other doing an 18-2 ladder with merkins on one side and air squats on the other. 50 LBC’s while wait.
  4. Mosey back to street, quadraphelia to first cul de sac, 20 WWII sit-ups.
  5. Run to next cul de sac. 15 WWII sit-ups.
  6. Mosey to Marry


20 merkins

pretzel crunches

low flutters

freddie mercuries

the squirm

20 merkins


Sorry for the abbreviated (aka lame) backblast, but had limited time and thought lame BB was better than no BB. Welcome FNG’s Morning Buzz and Madoff. Glad to have you guys aboard. Be sure to attend Google’s send off at 26 Acres. Continued prayers for our brothers and their families dealing with extremely difficult circumstances. See you in the gloom soon.

FYI, if this were a term paper I would receive a D-, but that is still a passing grade (at least at Carolina).

  • On July 21, 2017

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