Remember Me?

Four PAX gathered in the Bain-ish gloom for a memorable workout.

Warmup: Mosey, SSHx15, windmillx10


The Thang:

100 Mericans, 100 Jump Squats, 100 LBC’s, 100 Burpees, 100SSH’s, and 100 “Crazy Climbers” (see moleskine), broken into 4 sets of 25 apiece. Intermingled with running for a breather.



stretches led by Chum




  1. This was an old “Remembrance Drill” right out of YHC’s high school wrestling days. It’s what we had to do when in trouble, late, etc. Brought back some memories!
  2. Introducing the “Crazy Climber”…. starting in mountain climber position, both feet are kicked up and the lower body is rotated at the torso so that the right foot comes to rest up by the right hand and the left foot moves in that direction. The movement is then flip-flopped to the left. Like a mountain climber with a much bigger core workout component.