Sweat Angels

6 pax converged on Bain elementary today for a graduate-level course in pain.


Windmills x 10

Imperial squat walkers x 10

Dry Dock Crabs x 12

Mericans x 10

Diamond mericans x 7


The Thang:

Partner up- one partner do exercises while the other partner runs to and from yonder post, then switch.

1. pull-ups

2. LBCs

break for everyone to do 100x crab dips

3. carolina dry docks

4. squats- running partner do 50 lunges out and 50 back

everyone run a lap

100x crab dips

5. mericans- partner crab walk out halfway and back

Bearway to heaven- bear crawl suicides up to 7 lines with mericans in between




LBCs x 15



dollies x 10



1. great work today, men. left some sweat angels on the ground from guantanamo.

2. running after lunges is never, ever a good thing.

3. see #2