Young Guns Preblast: The Steph (f/k/a The Lance), NBA Finals Edition

With potentially the last game of the NBA Finals tomorrow night, Young Guns will revisit a truly sucktastic workout formerly dubbed The Lance but now renamed The Steph in honor of the CLT-bred, reigning MVP who is currently raining hell-fire and destruction from way downtown (#bang) in Golden State.

Here is what we will do:

Run mile loop (#LanceStephRoute — back to ETES parking lot for the following circuit:

  • Run down stairs to rails: 10 donkey kicks over rails (single count), 10 supine pull-ups …
  • Run down sidewalk (towards the gazebo) and around mini-loop inside park, swinging a left on the sidewalk past the volleyball court (do not go all the way to #MRSAPond) and then around basketball court to playground: 10 burpee pull-ups, 10 sumo squat jumps …
  • Run out of playground and up “Lombard Street” back to ETES parking lot: 10 cross-fit/hand-release burpees, 10 plank jax (single count).

Repeat the circuit AMRAP until 6:07.  

Run #LanceStephRoute mile loop (IN REVERSE!) back to ETES parking lot.