The Coyote is Saturday May 16 – Launching 6am at Davidson Town Green

Davidson’s own OBC, Ranger, Duvall, Hacker and other Q’s have organized a SSAKP (Sorta Stupid and Kinda Pointless, almost CSAUP) Event for this Saturday, May 16.  The second running of the Coyote is not intended to rival the Bear or the Goat in their stupidity, but should give you your money’s worth for a Saturday workout.

Here’s the F3 Davidson Announcement (all of F3 Nation invited so spread the word):

The second running of the Coyote is Saturday May 16 at the Davidson Town Green, starting at 6am and ending at approximately 8am (or so).  Coffee and other beverages at Summit on Main Street afterwards.

The Coyote is an 8 mile run through the Town of Davidson and the Cross Country Trails with stops every mile or so for pain stations led by Davidson Qs. Includes two 4 mile loops (approx. 1 hour each including pain stops) starting and ending at the Davidson Town Green.  You can still participate even if you can only do half the event (1 loop) due to Saturday family obligations. We’ll have waters at the Green but bring some too if you like.  Crude will be providing bike support with water and emergency communications equipment (cell phone). If you are a non-runner or injured, reach out to Crude if you want to join him to help on the bike support crew.

Thanks and look forward to seeing you Saturday morning!