F3 Partners with the Cam Newton Foundation – June 12th

Men –

As a way to celebrate the great efforts of the unsung heroes of the Pax, the men who consistently and quietly give their time and energy to the various F3 Foundation programs, we are partnering with the Cam Newton Foundation to sponsor a F3 Kickball Team that will compete in a celebrity tournament on Friday, June 12th.  Several men from each outreach program (Billingsville and AG Tutoring programs, Charlotte Rescue Mission, Let Me Run, Children’s Attention Home, and F3 Dads) will compete against other squads in Knight’s Stadium.  We’ll have gear, we’ll have swagger, and we’ll be sure to dominate the action.

Last December 16th, the Men of F3 Billingsville put together a Christmas party for the kids that we tutor weekly on Tuesdays.  We had Santa, Santa’s assistant, gifts and a strong cadre of F3 Men and 2.0’s to provide a little something extra for the Billingsville kids.  Each child was given a gift by Santa and the smiles on the kids was worth the price of admission.

Who knew it could get better?  Suddenly, giant size elves, Cam Newton, Kelvin Benjamin & Joe Webb enter Billingsville’s cafeteria with a dozen assistants carrying bags of toys larger than the kids we tutor.  The pure elation of the kids as they realized who they were and then as they received the toys was a second dose of joy for the Pax that were in attendance.  The support that we received that day came from the Cam Newton Foundation that supports needs of youth in the community.

Cam 2

The Cam Newton Foundation puts on an annual event, Kids Rock Weekend https://camnewtonfoundation.org/2015-kids-rock-weekend/ , that supports youth in the community.  An email went out to the men involved in F3F projects and we have raised over $3,000 to support Cam and participate in a Kickball Tournament in Charlotte that will take place on June 12th.  We are putting together an all-star team of Pax, Billingsville Kids and others to participate in this event. See below for the details.

Cam 3

Backup (jgocow@gmail.com) has graciously agreed to play the role as player/coach/manager.  Please send all nominations for additional players to Kickin’ Chicken (rbowers@arcadiahomesinc.com) or Super Dave(dhendrick@collett.biz) .

This is a great way for F3 to build upon our new relationship with Cam Newton and his foundation.  I’m told he has extended this invite to all of his teammates, so there should be a pretty cool turnout of fellow athletes.

This will be a fun day…hope y’all can make it.  Aye.

SuperDave and Backup