Preblast: 4/18 Smithville Convergence Community Improvement Project

Smithville Beatdown Convergence and Neighborhood Improvement Project: 4/18

Calling men of F3 and their trucks/trailers!

On Saturday morning, 4/18/2015 (0700hrs), F3 Davidson, NoCo and the Cornelius Police Department will Converge at the Smithville Community Park (19710 S Ferry St, Cornelius, NC 28031) for a very special and different style of Convergence. 1st a Boot camp workout at 7am, and then PAX will Converge on part 2 of this event. A multitude of trash and rubbish will be left curbside the night before for removal. Men teamed with trucks and trailers will be launched to pick up unsightly junk to be hauled and discarded in 1 of the 15 dumpsters placed throughout the area. This annual neighborhood improvement event is vital in helping the community take ownership in ridding the area of unwanted bulk trash that is otherwise a hazard and eye soar that creates a negative image to the community as a whole. We need your help, the more the better! Be sure to bring a pair of fresh gloves and maybe some long pants.

Following the cleanup: Papa Joe Willis will have carefully crafted his award winning ribs and chicken that will be smoked to perfection on the spot. It’s well worth the work for the food at the end, and that’s a Striker guarantee. I may miss a target, but I aint gonna miss Papa Joe’s ribs!

I’m already certain that people around the community will ask themselves two questions…… Why in the heck would the Police Department want to pick up trash and why did these F3 people meet up an hour before the cleanup to partake in some crazy workout as they are going to engage in hard dirty manual labor…. To most of these people it doesn’t make much sense, and they will more than likely be exhausted after the first washing machine they loaded up………To me, its ownership in its purest form. For F3, we take ownership of our bodies and minds by strengthening our Faith, Fellowship and Fitness together with other men. For the COPS, its taking ownership of the community we serve with the community we serve. Taking a morning and working together to clean things up a bit will strengthens public faith with what we do, it strengthens fellowship amongst the community with its protectors. The overall goal is to do this with strong leadership and take that ownership by the horns and build a community fit to fight for a better way of life………. It starts with a 45 minute workout and a little piece of garbage! Thanks F3!

Any questions feel free to contact me directly @ 704-622-2744

Sound off if your coming! Its going to be fun and fulfilling.