Toro’s Q

18 brothers came out for a smack down on Saturday.  It went like this:

Warm Up-

  • SSHx 15
  • ISS x15
  • Cotton Picker x15
  • Windmill x15
  • Mountain Climber x15
  • WWII situps x15

Mosey to the tennis court, partner up

  • Partner 1-Bear Crawl to the end of the tennis court, 20 WWII situps
  • Partner 2-10 burpies and one lap to the corner to the tennis court
  • Hug a tree while your partner finishes up
  • SWITCH and REPEAT warm up exercises

Mosey to the back of the football field, same partner

  • Partner 1-lunges to the half of the football field and do 10 burpies, mosey back to the start
  • Partner 2-20 WWI sit ups, lunges to the half of the football field, mosey back to the start
  • SWITCH and REPEAT 4x
  • Lunges and 20 merkins, mosey to the parking lot


  • baby crunch x15
  • W x15
  • Mason Twist x15
  • Low Dolly x15
  • Home of the mar

Forgotten Jelly came up with the exercise, like a merkin wave, you go around in a circle, lean down when it is your turn-this was a pretty cool new exercise, thanks forgetten jelly for your help with this part,

Thanks to everyone for showing up!