Everyone that didn’t do the Mud Run!

5 of the finest F3 Brothers out on a Saturday morning for a non Mud Run beatdown.

Warm up:

SSH X 15

Merkins X 10

Mt Climbers X10

CP X 10

The Workout:

Mosey to baseball field

Two rounds of side walk rail walks followed by 15 incline merkins on bleachers

Mosey back across soccer field with Hig Knees and Butt Kickers to short bleachers for 20 dips

Mosey down parking lot to hill

7 to 1 Burpees at bottom squats at the top

Mosey to to top of hill

LBC X 15

Mosey to rock pile

2 rounds

Curls X 10

Tricep Extension X 10

Chest Press X 20

Pullovers X 15

Mosey to Parking Spaces

Side and front jumps 2 rounds X 50

Lunges up hill to first tree

50% run to first light pole

100% Run to covered area

Step ups 10 each leg and 10 Derkins – 2 rounds

Peoples Chair 1 min with shoulder presses

Mosey back to main parking lot for Mary


LBC X 20

Squirm X 15

Pretzel Crunch X 10

Plank Hold 1 min

Great Job men!  It is always great to see and meet new F3 Brothers.