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One Lonely Beas-t-i-e

7:00 AM no other PAX…. HMMM, let the BRR training begin. Warm up: Run to the bathroom… It’s kind of cold, run back to the car and get gloves. The Thang: Run through the woods up the Sassafras trail. Turn left on the the Sierra Loop trail.  Follow until intersection with yellow circle trail (name […]

Running and Abs

Dr. Doolittle and I took a cold morning run through Reedy Creek Park’s trail system, stopping halfway to focus on our abs. The Thang 1.5 mile trail run. 20 WWII Sit Ups, LBC x30, Crunchy Frog x15, Oblique Crunch x20, J-Lo x15, Makhtar N’Diaye x12, Low Dolly x15, Low Flutter x15, 10  Burpees OYO, 1.5 […]

We Have a Backblast

This post is made on behalf of Dr. Doolittle, whose stone tablet did not have access to the internet, so he sent me a scroll via his carrier pigeon.  Chum knows what I’m talking about. Mosey to b-ball court Warm up SSH 10 (ic) Merkin 10 (ic) Repeat until x 5 Mountain Climbers 10 (ic) […]

Getting Smoked

After welcoming Triple Threat to The Smokehouse for the first time, we jogged a couple of laps around the parking lot until Dr. Doolittle arrived. Warmup Mosey over to the playground. SSH x10, 1 Burpee, SSH x10, 2 Burpees, SSH x10, 3 Burpees, SSH x10, 4 Burpees, SSH x10, 5 Burpees, Merkin x10, Mountain Climber x10. The Thang Find a […]

Keeping It Rolling

I pulled into the park to find Dr. Doolittle warming up by shooting some hoops.  No other pax around, so we set off, determined to keep the Smokehouse alive through the lean cold months. The Thang Trail Run for 55 minutes. Cool down Walk for 5 minutes. Moleskin Missing all our Smokehouse brothers in these […]

Just a Walk in the Park, Kazansky

7am and YHC was the only pax onsite, so I decide to bail and headover to Harrisburg to workout with that Pax.  Dr. Doolittle arrives as I’m leaving, and the decision is made to stay. Turnaround. We opt to run this morning. The Thang Trail run for 50-55 minutes. Cool Down walk for 5-10 minutes. […]

Coupon Day at The Smokehouse

Two pax clipped a couple of coupons before the holiday sales and the extreme shopping competitions begin (a tradition neither of us want any part of). #stayinghomeonblackfriday Warmup Grab coupons out of YHC’s truck then mosey around the parking lot and around the playground trail to end at the basketball court. The Thang 1 minute […]


No war stories this morning so we were able to get a full workout in (Tin Man knows what I’m talking about.) Warmup Mosey two laps around the parking lot then COP at the playground. SSH x30 Windmill x15 Mountain Climber x15 Running Man x10 Merkin x10 The Thang 10 Merkins OYO 20 Dips OYO […]