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Two is Better Than One

Six escaped the Monday fart sack and found their way into the Gloom for some Monday Mettle courtesy of YHC, who took the Q yesterday after @disaster’s ‘This Week at Highlands’ Slack post looked quite sparse. The weather was great and the mood was jovial as we gathered and waited for 5:30 to strike. Once […]

Fall Equinox – Mettle Style

The weather was perfect on the morn of the first day of Fall. According to Google: “Today (September 23) sees the 2019 autumn equinox, the moment when the planet’s northern hemisphere swaps with the southern hemisphere to become the one furthest from the sun. In theory, this means that everywhere on the planet should get 12 […]

Stay Gold, Ponyboy

As YHC rolled into the Sports Club parking lot at the bright hour of 5:21, I was only partially surprised to the see the silhouette of a certain 2003 Toyota 4Runner, known in the gloom to be the vehicle of Highlands’ one-and-only @juice. However, there were four occupants, not the normal three. Could an FNG […]

Walk the Lines

6 Men came out in the gloom to walk the lines on the parking lot. No Turkish Getups as promised but also no Thorn. Great morning though and glad to see everyone out there working hard. *************************** Run the loop SSH Cotton pickers Wind mills Merkins 5 Rounds partner swap Partner 1 : Goblet Squat Partner […]

Partner Mettle

So glad to see those men show up this morning. Good way to start the day and the week. The Thang: Warm up loop 15 SSH ic 10 cotton pickers ic 15 windmills ic 15 imperial storm troopers ic 10 merkins ic Partner 1: run to bars and do pull-ups 10-8-6-4-2 Partner 2: Gobbler squat,curl, […]


4 men posted for a cool but still sweaty mettle workout. If you haven’t been in a while come and join us for some resistance/ cardio training. I love this workout and hope to see more of you posting after a night of football and beer. The Thang- Warmup: Run the loop SSH x 15 […]