Tag: Kannonball run

Parking Deck Run @ the mill

9 men showed up on a wet gloomy morning ready to get after it in the parking deck. Warmarama: Fire Chicken assisted with his complimentary SSH as Q waited in regular start area for late arrivals. (G-vegas and Backdraft) 10x Hillbillys 10x Mountain climbers The Thang: Run parking deck ramps to 5th floor and all […]

Q’s mulligan fun run @ the mill

8 Pax showed up for the Q’s mulligan fun run since I was not able to lead last week. Warmarama: Was held at the F3 Flag just in case we had some late-comers. 25 SSH IC followed by some stretching exercises. (Quads & Hammies) The THANG: Mosey to the GYM at AL Brown HS 10 […]