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A Dozen Mighty Men

PAX: Exit54, BonVoy, Clueless, Tbone, Pocahontas, Othello, Wexler, Dr. Lecter, Battery, Dud, Birdcage, Bearclaw Q:Bearclaw Date: 7/6/22 Moleskin: A dozen mighty men came out for hill training at the Pitchfork. It was good to see the usual crowd and it was good to see Pocahontas out again. But I am sure he has been training […]

No Disappointments

12 Brave Men determined to come out once again for some challenging hill training.  If you wanted heat and humidity to add to the challenge, then you were not disappointed. Disclaimer:  All comments are mostly accurate, but  some could be exaggerated.  All intents are good. Before and after the workout there was some chatter about […]

Shakin’ The Devil Off

19 brave souls faced down the Devil’s Pitchfork and emerged victorious on a chilly Wednesday. There a lots of ways to approach a run, and this time YHC encouraged intervals. Many gave it a go and were pleasantly surprised how strong they ended the run, but everyone’s experience was a little different. The course is […]

“Pitch” Perfect

13 HIM gathered in the predawn gloom to run the Pitchfork. Celestial fireworks (shooting stars) reminded us of the glory and power of our Creator. 0530 rolled around. Disclaimer was given and we were off. T-claps to Smurf and Coppertone for completing their first, and hopefully not last, Pitchfork.   “Best dressed PAX” award goes […]