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PETA Friendly Workout

5 men avoided the fartsack on a cool beatdown in the low 40’s. Not sure where everyone else was. Perhaps Dredd beat them down at White Lightning, but Hammer showed AND completed a pre-run showing HIMself. Kudos brother!! The rest of us showed up and we all joined in a little trivia mixed with typical […]

Florence and Her Machine

15 men came out on a slightly humid morning for a dedication beat down to the many victims of Hurricane and Tropical Storm Florence. They didn’t know it at the time but the workout was structured like a hurricane, testing each man to his limits, for a good ole suck fest. All exercises were AMRAP […]

Crop Dust Circles of Pain

12 hearty men left the warmth of their fartsacks to warm the hearty souls of their peers with their….well, the post title says it all. Spirits were high, mumble chatter was strong, and the jokes kept coming. We had tunes in the background thanks to Buckwheat’s big box, a DJ Q trying to avoid explicit […]

Gimme My Bricks Back!!

A BEEAAAUUUTIFUL 65 degree morning was met with 7 PAX ready to make there lives better. Little did they know they would be doing the Comanche AO a service and stacking cinder bricks back to their storage location. After the original bricks were stolen, misplaced, or otherwise taken from the AO, YHC decided to donate […]


13 PAX came out to one of the last bootcamps for Comanche in 2017. Good representation from neighboring AOs made the gloom feel like a family dinner on Christmas Day. Mumble chatter was abound along with a little crop dusting (just giving a summary @The_Farm, not calling you out or anything). As dancing bears and […]