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I prefer a snowy ground to a wet one

Four men gathered to swing their Big Ole Metal Balls today. Due to the workout stations being printed on paper and the rain/sleet we stayed under the portico for most of the workout. With some painters tape on the wall and a disclaimer given, we went off on a warmup mosey and then…. Warmorama: SSH […]


2 HIMs joined The Illustrious Blip this morning for some fun with ladders. It went as follows: SSH – 40 windmill – 10 penny picker – 10 hillbilly – 10 Mosey around church building, stopping for burpees – 10 squats – 30 merkins – 30 ladder #1 (6×1, pull-ups & burpees) ladder #2 (5×20, brick […]


Warmup mosey Warmorama SSH x 15 IST x 10 Penny Picker x 10 Windmill x 10 Low Slow Squat x 10 Merkins x 10 Freddy Mercury x 10 Mosey over to the pull up bars, everyone grab a cinderblock —Set 1:— Dips x 3 Pull Ups x 6 Hand Release Merkins x 9 CB Goblet […]

The Murph: Lone Beatdown sufferer

A chilly morning is good weather for a beatdown. Unfortunately less men for the Murph makes it much harder. YHC is not willing to backdown and suffered through the usual: The Murph: 1 Mile Run 100 Pull Ups 200 Merkins 300 Squats Missing the Pax this AM, get back in the gloom! Burn off those […]

T’was the Day Before Christmas

5 for a Christmas Eve Beatdown. Mosey to Warmorama Side Straddle Hop x15IC Imperial Storm Troopers x15IC Penny Pickers x10IC Windmills x10IC Low slow squats x15IC Mountain Climbers x15IC Plank Jacks x15IC Merckens x10 IC The Thang Mosey to Portico Balls to the wall People’s Chair w/OH Press x15IC Donkey Kicks x20 Wall Taps x20 […]

MeCa Weight Loss Challenge – January 2021

While we all definitely try, the fact is, you can’t outwork a bad diet.  So…for at least one month, let’s work on that.  As January is the month of new year’s resolutions, it seems as good a month as any to knock off any unwanted holiday pounds.  In F3 vocabulary, we will be working on […]