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F3 MeCa | April 19, 2021

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The 1000, er, no make that the 900 rep challenge

April 3, 2021 |

Twelve men showed up in the not-quite-as-chilly-as expected gloom at Mallard Creek Community Park this morning to see just what kind of nonsense @Disaster had planned for them. The Q didn’t fail to disappoint. Several of the PAX were pre-warned … Read More

After 35 you get to count backwards. So really it’s 32. I’m good at math!

March 26, 2021 |

For YHC’s 36th birthday beatdown, 3 men joined up for a workout themed after the number 36. 36 reps, 36 reps in cadence, 36 seconds…. Here’s what we did:


SSH x 36

Penny Picker x 6 Windmill x 6 … Read More

4 Years at Comanche w/ a Tribute

March 25, 2021 |

YHC arrived at 0516 thinking there would be a decent-sized group for our lightly marketed four-year AO Anny, but little did I know 45 HIM’s (including 1 FNG) descend upon the Comanche AO to celebrate.  We had 61 (I believe) … Read More

F3 Dads at Davis Lake

March 14, 2021 |

F3 Dads is officially ON next week Saturday 7am at Davis Lake!

Bsring all the 2.0’s (ages 4 and up) for a kid friendly, high energy and fun beat down. We will crawl like Spiderman, “grass sled” down … Read More

You’re into that headbanging music

February 26, 2021 |

Five men, including the father of @Sticky joined us this morning for a King Louie beatdown. As no one showed up last week in the cold rain, YHC recycled the same beatdown with less reps (to actually finish the dang … Read More

1 year Anniversary of Ahmaud Arbery’s death

February 23, 2021 | 1

Remembering Ahmaud Arbery

Ahmaud Arbery was killed 1 year ago today while on a run. Something that we do frequently and we all take for granted. The killers were not arrested for 74 days and ONLY after the video was … Read More

#f3mentalbattle 2/10/21

February 8, 2021 |


When: Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Where: COT of your beatdown

What: F3 Louisville created #f3mentalbattle where the goal is to bring awareness to mental health issues that affect everyone, with a particular focus on adult men, where mental illness … Read More

Keep us moving!

February 3, 2021 |

Four men showed up for an Iron Fist beatdown. YHC brought a weighted jump rope, a band, and a barbell. Grabbing a few cinderblocks we did various strength exercises, Frostbite Furies, and even broke the band! (a certain king was … Read More

One more Frostbite Fury, hold the Frostbite

January 29, 2021 |

Five men gathered, we did carries, swings, other kettlebell lifts, and a few Frostbite furies.

Need to know more? #showtoknow

Slackblast! One more Frostbite Fury, hold the Frostbite Date: 1/29/21 Pax: @Frostbite MECA @Shi-fu @Dutch @Five Dollar @kinglouie FNGs: 0 Q: @kinglouie … Read More

Much Respect

January 26, 2021 |

The weather broke, kind of, and 6 PAX posted in the moist gloom for a “been too long” beatdown from YHC. This has been a tough year. YHC got out of the groove of taking the DRP and generating momentum. … Read More