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MeCa Run for Your Life Gift Certificate Raffle!

Last month, the Ruckers participated in a raffle to win a bullet ruck bundle…or something. This month, we’ve got something the runners (and anyone who wears running sneakers) will be interested in. See below for details: What: $200 Run for Your Life Gift Certificate Who: Runners/Those who could use running related things for themselves or […]

The Launch of The Mineshaft!

When YHC was approached 6ish months ago about starting an AO in the UNCC area, I really hesitated. I was training for a Triathlon, work was busy, as far as I knew, I was the only F3 Pax member in this area and on top of all that, I have 7 kids and a wife […]

1st Annual MeCa Region Winter Party

Join your F3 MeCA Brothers and Ms for the first annual MECa Region Winter Party! Guaranteed to be a good time! On January 27th, at 730PM, F3 MeCa will invade the Cabarrus Brewing Company for an all-region blowout! The event will be held upstairs in the semi-private balcony overlooking the brewery. We will have our […]

Wet Mileage

Six of the manliest men I know came together to get some miles under their belts. The rain held off until we started running. By the time we got to the end of the run, the Greenway was flooded. But, that did not stop these manly men from knocking out 5 to 8 miles. See […]

BackBlasts Do Still Exist at The Valley!

Six men ran at The Valley this morning. @AstroVan who continues to lie about hating running and then do half marathons and voluntarily do hill repeats, was #FIFO. @Dingo and @Filibuster pre-ran. @Brutus pre-biked and arrived right on time. Prior to launch, YHC presented @Dingo with what I believe will be the last birthday gift […]

Trick Daddy’s Winter Convergence @ Concord

37 manly men gathered on a chilly morning to honor Trick Daddy! Quick disclaimer and recognition to the man of the hour, Trick Daddy, for which all of us had gathered to honor led by Fire Chicken The MASTER of the UNIVERSE Q, otherwise know as Indy, had everyone Saddle up and Mosey to Belk […]

(Preblast) Intro To Running at Skywalker – 11/13/17

Not a runner?  You’re not alone. This Monday at Skywalker, we are inviting all PAX who want to be more confident runners to join us for a slow and easy, “intro to running”, cruise.  The 2.8 mile run will be broken up into 9 bite-sized segments so you will get a little breaks along the […]