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Usta Be

4 PAX posted for The Valley Saturday Cruise launching from Davis Lake AO. YHC and Stifler on Route Uno consisting of 3 miles and the addition of Gentle Grizzly and Blowout for Route Dos consisting of 5 miles. Usta Be that the Saturday Cruise was the most attended run at The Valley.  Usta Be the […]

Puddle City

5 men clomped through the rain for various milage and launch times. Looking out the window when I woke up, I thought for sure I was going to be solo but was pleasantly surprise. We were about as moist as you can get by the end. Moist.

First Ever Dual Launch WFCR

With a maturing group of runners looking to keep the push on, YHC decided to offer 2 launch options. Launch at 5:40am From the North Starbucks Location to Tradition and back to get int he complete run, before the F2 festivities and caffeine injections begin. ( 5:55am for Skipper ) Launch at 6:02am from Tradition […]

Monday Cruise

9 mean got better this morning after a little jaunt around 4/4.5 miles. Moleskin: Grizzly is better after lifting a car off of a elderly lady and then changing her tire Dutch Boy thinks Weiner is a weird/funny word Some talked about “Strava art“ Thanks for running with me gents.

F3 and Doing the Hard Thing

Four started their weekend off right by putting in some miles Saturday at The Valley. Route (Tradition Launch): Grab the Greenway at Fairlea Greenway all the way to Corvian Up David Taylor to Mallard Creek Ch. Back to Tradition COT COM Moleskin We lost @stifler at the Hill of Shadows but for good reason: he […]