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F3 MeCa | July 15, 2018

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The Dawg House

You vs. You

July 14, 2018 | | One Comment

12 men thought better of sleeping in on a nice summer Saturday morning as the joy associated with an F3 beat down danced in their heads.  How can one miss out on an opportunity to sweat and huff and puff … Read More

Inaugural “QSource Grinder” at Barista Craft!

July 14, 2018 |

10 Leaders got some quality 2nd/3rd F time in at the inaugural QSource Grinder this morning! All but one of them (and I won’t mention Iron Wolf’s name) rolled into Barista Craft after a … Read More

No bad luck here…

July 13, 2018 |

12 humble men posted in the humidity this morning, having a victory over the iron sheets. Short disclaimer, no FNGs (except for a guy known as Dialed Up and his sidekick 5G). Short mosey then it began:

Warm up

-ssh … Read More

Peak to Peak…

July 12, 2018 |

Pharaoh, Rerun and YHC have the Blue Ridge Relay looming large as it is less than 2 months away.   Knowing all the Dawgs would love to join in the fun with some bonus Hill Work, YHC signed up to … Read More

QSource Grinders Preblast

July 11, 2018 | | One Comment

Q – A leader who takes responsibility for the outcome.  QSourceThe wisdom from which the Q draws to exercise virtuous leadership. GrinderA periodic, purposeful and proximate meeting between the members of a group to accelerate effectiveness. Source: … Read More

Autumn Craft Beer & Low Country Boil Golf!

July 11, 2018 |

Sandman and I are very much interested in getting some F3 teams together for what is truly an awesome golf experience.  It’s an opportunity for you to enjoy an afternoon of golf and imbibe upon some fantastic craft beers and … Read More

Diamonds, Walls, and Sweat- On the Fly

July 11, 2018 |

10 men showed at The Dawg House and without a QIC on the schedule, we were left with YHC to improvise.  Might not have been the most creative beat down but the effort and sweat all came naturally nonetheless.  5:30a … Read More

A Couple Maiden Voyages…

July 10, 2018 |

YHC walked outside on this Tuesday morning and thought… wow – this feels great.  Knowing it will not last as the heat is sure to return soon enough, it was time to head to the Dawg House for the Tuesday … Read More

Let it be…

July 9, 2018 | | One Comment

Over the weekend Flip Phone reached out to the Dawg House and the Burg looking for a White Lightning Q.  It had been a while since YHC had grabbed the reins at White Lightning, so I took him up on … Read More

Born Free

July 2, 2018 |

9 men made the hard choice this morning.  75 degrees, humid, and tired from a long weekend wasn’t going to prevent us from getting stronger together this morning.  As George Washington once said (at least according to Google), “It is … Read More