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Defying gravity

Kettlebells Date: 6/20/22 Pax: @Buck, @Hokie Pokie, @Liquid Courage @MASH FNG: 0 Q: @MASH Count: 4 Warm-o-rama: SSHs, Hillbillies, Penny pickers, arm waves and circles. Thang: Set 1: Repeato 3x 15x Tricep extensions 15x Curls 15x Upright rows 50x LBCs Set 2: Repeato 3x 15x Overhead presses 15x Squats 15x Lawnmower pulls L&R 50x RBCs Set 3: Repeato […]

Dawgs Wet T-Shirt Contest

The PAX: Spaz, Talladega, Sir Topham Hatt, Honey Do, Big Country, Loveboat, Turbine, Yellowcake, Terrible Towel, Hop Hunter Q: Hop Hunter   YHC was back with the Dawgs today to serve up a 2nd helping of sweat in the gloom this week.  On Tuesday YHC was pedaling, so today it was time to join with […]

Fins Up!

YHC and 2 of the toughest HIM in the area braved the humidity for a fin-tastic beat down. Warmorama: Shark Straddle Hops x 15 Mountain climbers, Penny pickers The Thang: In honor of National Megaladon Day, no Sharknado but a Torch modified version in the courtyard. 8 exercises as seen below. 5, 10, 15, 10, […]

The Man Card Bird

The PAX: Spaz, Iron City, MASH, Shot Rock, talladega, Sir Topham Hatt, Honey Do, Big Country, Loveboat, Zacchaeus, Buck, Sterling, Turbine, Yellowcake, Hop Hunter Q: Hop Hunter   There was a fair amount of chatter leading into the Tuesday morning gloom around would the ruckers demonstrate they still have a heartbeat at the Dawg House.  […]

Are you even listening?

15 men threw caution into the wind and thought there would be no better way to spend a Thursday morning than running through thick, soupy air. Yellowcake tried to convert some of the runners into bikers the night before, with promises of Mai Thais and a cool breeze as they cruised along. If you want […]

Stacked Deck

7 decided the storm wasn’t close enough to fret over and said yes to their daily dose of medicine. Others decided to stay home and watch episode 1 of some Star Wars thing instead. They claim it was worth it and he shall remain nameless, right @yellowcake? Oops. With the eminent rain and the lack […]

Ain’t Skeered!

With a full warning of hills and possibly dying on a hill 17 studs showed up for a Dawghouse run on a beautiful morning! We had 4 cyclists and 13 runners……the ruckers are still missing!??  Marco?  Marco?  Marco!!? Cyclists – Spaz, Turbine, Yellowcake and Banjo Boy Runner – Sir Topham, Big Country, Hokie Pokie, Talladega, […]

Riverboat M*A*S*H

Backblast Date:5/25/22 Pax: JD, Talledega, Loveboat, Uecker, Liquid Courage, Buck, MASH FNG: 0 Count: 7 Q: MASH AO: Dawghouse; JM Robinson High School Warm-o-rama: mosey around parking lot, various footwork; circle up for Talledega led Motivator (counting down from 5), Penny pickers, arm circles. Thang: A 3.5″ cube was constructed, each side labelled with a […]

Unleash the fury

6 of the toughest in the area braved the humidity to see what YHC had to offer. Go get a brick and carry it to the steps. Warmorama: SSH, ISTs, arm circles Ladder: 10-1: squat thrusts with brick then RBCs at bottom. (YHC realized he got bitten by ants). Bring back bricks. 20s: Decline merkins, […]

Flyin’ Low

14 of the areas finest came together to run and bike, in an effort to better ourselves and fellowship with one another. We welcomed back a few covid returners and went to work. Keeping it simple today with a route that leaves bail points for those that are recovering, though none needed to use them. […]