Category: The Dawg House

So small yet so heavy

2 other pax members joined QIC for his VQ kettle bell beatdown at the infamous Dawghouse. QIC knew numbers would be light with some recovering from insane weekend workout events and others on vacation. But it was no surprise to see the MQ and the master of posts himself, Mash! I gave the disclaimer and […]

4 cones but no ice cream for Dawgs

It’s been over 2 months since I’ve Q’d at the Dawghouse, so when the MQ announced there were openings this week, I signed up. I Q’d this workout at Comanche awhile back and got a lot of complaints, so I figured it would be a good one. MASH, Talladega, Buck, Liquid Courage, and YHC Mosey’d […]

ABCs Wide World of Exicon

Five Pax gathered on Friday 7/22/22: Buck, Liquid Courage, Talledega, Loveboat, and M*A*S*H. Felt like 75 degrees, 300 % humidity and no breeze – perfect weather! Warm-o-rama: 10 ea. SSHs, 10 Penny pickers (Abe Vigoda style), and arm circles. Mos-E-rama (in not-so-alphabetical order: D: Mosey to J. M. Robinson front courtyard for 3×10 rep. Dips […]

Tennis courts and figure 8s

Preblast clearly stated that there would be burpees, pull ups, and running.  No pressure to show.  Then at 5:30a, YHC was so grateful that cars were in the parking lot.  As we waited for Loveboat to get parked we started moving around.  Then at 5:31a as we waited for Buck’s car to stop, we moved […]

Bookends of Pain

What a glorious morning! I pull into school parking lot and couldn’t believe the amount of lights of cars…oh wait those are cop cars. Is this big country on the ground?!?  Nah, Concords Finest was doing some dog training. Even they left before the workout started. That’s how awesome F3 is!  7 other pax members […]

Pick a side!

12 other ruckers, runners and bikers joined QIc for a heart hearth run day! Bikers were Buck, R2d2 and Spaz Runners were Loveboat, Hop Hunter, sterling, Talladega, Mash, Slidejob, Big Country and Sir Topham Ruckers were Torch and HoneyDo Directions were given that it was an apartment run and QIC didn’t bring his watch. So […]

More pax in-motion

Seven Pax gathered on Wednesday 7/6/22, a good crowd for a holiday week: Buck, Liquid Courage, Sir Topham Hatt, Talledega, Loveboat, Yellowcake, and M*AS*H. Silky weather, about 75 degrees, humid as all-get-out so it was hard to cool off. Warm-o-rama: 12 ea. SSHs and Penny pickers. Mosey to retrieve cinderblocks and return to Turn 1 […]

Pax in Perpetual Motion

Four Pax gathered on YHC’s 3rd Q of the week on Friday 6/24/22: Hokie Pokie, Loveboat, Yellowcake, and M*AS*H. Perfect weather, about 70 degrees, slight breeze, light humidity. Warm-o-rama: Mosey to a far corner of the parking lot where we engaged in 10 ea. SSHs, Squat thrusts, Penny pickers. Immediately and without pause, mosey to […]

Polish Victory Lap

9 Cardio craving studs joined YHC for a couple of polish victory laps around Carolando. 2 bikers and 7 runners. The ruckers are still missing!  Maybe the are such studs they are rucking so fast we are not even seeing them. Like a flash! The PAX was Spaz and Turbine for our bikers  and QIC, […]