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Everyone loves a tabata

Everyone loves a parfait… I don’t know any parfait exercises so what’s the next thing everyone loves?  A tabata!!! It had been a long time since the Dawgs did a tabata (unless I fart sacked one morning and missed it – highly unlikely). Disclaimer, Mosey once around parking lot with high knees, butt kickers, karaoke. […]

Dawgs on the Run

Four strong Dawgs got loose for a run this am around the Dawg House.  @Dial-Up earned some extra credit treats by showing early and getting in extra mileage.  Everyone put their heads down and went to work for this cruise and it paid off.  The Pax all got in around 5 miles on this warm […]

Now that was fun, admit it

8 men decided to show up today at the Dawg House for some F3 fun. Here’s how it went….. Disclaimer Jog around the parking lot to warm up, short stint of carioca and high knees before we circled up Hillbillies x15 SSH x15 Mountain climbers x15 The Thang Start jogging around the parking lot as […]