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F3 MeCa | November 21, 2019

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The Dawg House

Running in Circles…

November 21, 2019 |

YHC served notice on Wednesday that he Thursday cruise would accommodate all speeds, while keeping the pax in close proximity.  9 Dawgs answered the bell… knowing odds were high that the track would be on the menu today. … Read More

Pay de Man Redux

November 20, 2019 |

8 tough Dawgs showed up this morning to mingle with their brothers and get a little healthier. Since its hunting season we looked all through the parking lot for any signs of ‘deer’ but didn’t see any. Speaking of meat, … Read More

Last Man Has To Fight The Buck (aka Uecker sees a deer)

November 19, 2019 |

10 Runners + 1 Rucker moseyed out to the Dawg House for a Tuesday cruise.  YHC thought it might be fun to get ready for the Santa Scramble with some relatively flat terrain running.  ‘Relatively’ is a great term as … Read More

Full Body Beatdown w/ Tunage

November 16, 2019 |

11 of Afton’s best and brightest braved a morning of 40-something degree weather with steady breezes and dominated a full body beat down, all to a mix of some of Moolah’s favorite tunes.


You pulled that out of your ass

November 15, 2019 |

Pre-blast last night claimed light rain and cold temps. No rain this AM, just cold temps and 11 dedicated PAX for some triple/doubles. What the hell is a triple/double? We moseyed a bit to the ticket booth (YHC had his … Read More

A Cold Peak 2 Peak…

November 14, 2019 |

Thursday lately at the Dawghouse has provided an opportunity to get a little faster with some quality track work.  There have been some rumblings about it, but for the most part the pax have embraced the challenge… all while getting … Read More

No cuttin’ corners

November 13, 2019 |

As this Q got closer the forecasted temps continued to drop and freeze warnings were blasted on the news.  9 Dawgs and a Georgia visitor totally ignored the warmth of the fartsack and came out to get better than the … Read More

#f3mentalbattle 11/27/19

November 13, 2019 |


When: Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Where: COT of your beatdown

What: F3 Louisville created #f3mentalbattle where the goal is to bring awareness to mental health issues that affect everyone, with a particular focus on adult men, where mental illness … Read More

It doesn’t rain at 5:30am?

November 13, 2019 |

6 runs and 2 ruckers tried to get some work done before the rain showed. We got the work in and even beat the heavy rain. Thanks for coming out. You ruckers have a good event this weekend.



Read More

Press your luck… Nooo Whammies

November 11, 2019 |

10pax decided last night they were going to join their brothers in the coldest morning yet. Thanks for sticking with it and beating the fart sack! Cards anyone?!? Warmarama (Mosey across the street to Urgent care)