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Friday the 13th didn’t stop 12 other mighty men from joining YHC in the Gloom.  After some pre-beatdown prep YHC made it back at 0529 to the PAX wondering my location.  After a disclaimer we headed off on a mosey. It went like this……   WARMUP SSH Hillbillies Penny Pickers   THE THANG Count off […]

Refueled the Death Star and defeated Covid, now let’s do some kettlebells

warmorama, and I didn’t forget how to count!  Day is already starting off good. Now to the wet tennis courts for the main event. Do all 9 exercises, 10 reps each.  Then repeat at 20 reps, 30 reps, 20 reps. Curls Merkins Atomic Crunches Goblet squats Kettlebell Swings Superman Pulses Tricep Extensions Bent Over Rows […]

Bells of the morning to ye

Kettlebell workout Date: 5/2/22 Pax: @Ticonderoga @MASH (dawghouse) FNG: 0 Q: @MASH (dawghouse) Count: 2 Warm-o-rama: SSHs, Penny pickers, arms circles. Thang: Set 1: Repeato 3x 12x Tricep extensions 12x Curls 12x Upright rows 50x LBCs Set 2: Repeato 3x 12x Overhead presses 12x Squats 12x Lawnmower pulls L&R 50x RBCs Set 3: Repeato 3x 12x Upright Lawnmower […]