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Labor Day Blockbell workout

A holiday means a chance to double-down as Afton delays the start of their workout.  So the challenge was issued: kettlebells with YHC, then head over to Afton for more fun. 8 showed up at The Dawghouse, a good number for Monday.  I issued yet another challenge;  leave your kettlebell in the car and use […]

Watch out for that Truck

4 gathered together as the post-vacation, pre-BRR party began.  I probably should have been running this morning, but with the 2 weeks prior to my vacation being Iron-Q’s, I figured I needed to give a go at as close to an Iron-Q as possible.  I think I shall dub it a bronze-Q (name subject to […]

Make it count!

5 of the fittest Dawgs showed up for YellowCake beatdown that promised nice weather and no burpees.  Here’s how it went down… Warmorama ISTs, Slow Mtn Climbers, Toe Sweeps, arm circles, Michael Phelps. We moseyed to the south corner of the parking lot where instructions were given; not much running today, so when you run, […]

The Pitchfork

Pax: @Exit54 @Maddog @Clueless @Wexler @Tbone @Pharoah @HopHunter @PapaJohn @Bonvoy @Battery @Bearclaw @Geppetto @Dr.Lecter @Zin QIC: @Othello FNG’s: 0 Count: 15 YHC posted a preblast the night before stating temps would be around 66, there will be a large BRR contingent in the gloom, and that I would be there at 0500 for a pre-run-warm-up […]

QIC was dependable as always and early. Mash was dependable and early as always. We were talking and then we realized it was 5:30 and no one else had arrived. QIC had planned some nice partner work where there was no counting so you could chat it up on a Friday while working hard. But […]

Speed Demons

9 other pax joined QIC for a fast and humid run day on his day 4 of iron Q. Our Engines got hot quick!! We had 4 bikers – Yellowcake, Turbine, R2D2 and Spaz. We had 6 runners – Sir Topham, Uecker, Honey Do, Mash, Pharaoh and Hop Hunter with zero ruckers. The bikers wouldn’t […]

Summer School Sucks!

It was a glorious morning for a Dawghouse beatdown and 5 others felt the same way.  Heeee’s baaaaaack! Even had a Ticonderoga sighting. even an injured Ticonderoga didn’t have excuses today. Day 3 of iron Q was a day of summer school. The disclaimer was given and we took off! waramorama: 12 SSH, 12 IST, […]

Hill Yeah

10 other runners, ruckers and bikers joined the QIC for a 45 minute peak to peak day. It was great to see Loveboat back and still very strong. Running the hills like it was nothing. Hop hunter and sterling also looked strong as always. QIC tried sprinting up the hills….which proved to be a little […]