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HIIT with the Artist formerly know as Sexual Chocolate

Warmarama Mosey to parking lot, then… High knees 19 SSH 10 IST / Hillbillies 20 Sky ground touches The Thang Circuit 1: 30 sec each, continuous set Side to side suicides Power squat Mountain climbers Plank jacks Scissor jumps X 3, 60 sec break at the end Circuit 2: 30 sec each, continuous set Bobby […]

Counting Up and Down with Disaster…and Hot Wheels

Twenty-three men showed up in the gloom at HCES this morning to help @Disaster celebrate his six year anniversary with F3 (again). One of them was dressed in full winter weather clothing (I’ll let you guess who). There plenty of visitors from Tradition, Skywalker, The Bridge, Lake Norman, and even one from Waco Texas. After […]

#DesegregateNMHS and #EndRedLining

For the best version of the BackBlast click here: Weinke Disclaimer 1. Regular, modify as needed 2. I love my country, stand for the national anthem and encourage my students to do the same. 3. I also recognize the white washing of our countries history, especially after moving to the south from AZ and […]