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HIIT with the Artist formerly know as Sexual Chocolate

Warmarama Mosey to parking lot, then… High knees 19 SSH 10 IST / Hillbillies 20 Sky ground touches The Thang Circuit 1: 30 sec each, continuous set Side to side suicides Power squat Mountain climbers Plank jacks Scissor jumps X 3, 60 sec break at the end Circuit 2: 30 sec each, continuous set Bobby […]

Ladders and Sprints – 2yr F3 Anniversary

Ladders & Sprints Iron-Q Day 4 2yr F3 Anniversary Nine HIM posted today for YHC’s 2yr F3 Anniversary Bootcamp, and hopefully didn’t disappoint. It was a brisk 37F in the gloom and the mumblechatter was pretty consistent throughout the morning. It was great to see many of the PAX I haven’t seen in a while, […]

Adopt – A – Street beatdown followed by cleanup project 11-20-21

11 PAX plus honorary mention to @tootsie attended Last Call’s beatdown held at HCE instead of typical MCCP.  The reason for this was because the PAX and their families were going to participate in clean up of the Highland Creek Elementary and Ridge Road Middle school campuses as well as the street clean up of […]

A spooky 13 for Halloween Boooocamp!

13 of Highlands spookiest attended the annual Booocamp lead by YHC for a second year in a row.  This year, YHC avoided wearing a costume due to lack of preparation, but in @alcatraz fashion, YHC had the backpack and the Halloween speaker and playlist . Some preparation was put into the boooocamp, which resembled last’s […]

Adopt A Street – Highlands Community Project Preblast

The fine PAX at Highlands have been slacking lately on their community involvement, and as the Highland MQ, YHC takes full responsibility for the lack of leadership in that regards.  The F3 mission is to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.  We leave no man […]

Counting Up and Down with Disaster…and Hot Wheels

Twenty-three men showed up in the gloom at HCES this morning to help @Disaster celebrate his six year anniversary with F3 (again). One of them was dressed in full winter weather clothing (I’ll let you guess who). There plenty of visitors from Tradition, Skywalker, The Bridge, Lake Norman, and even one from Waco Texas. After […]