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Stability work

Date:  6/6/22 Pax:  Pox, Detention, Cheerwine, Hot Pack, Manwich QIC:  Manwich 5 wore out Pax from various weekend festivities got their arse outa bed and showed up to the gloom for a 45 minutes of all 3 F’s.  Short disclaimer for the F3 veterans and we began. WARM-A-RAMA: Mosey around the teachers parking lot and […]

virgin q all over again

PAX: Pox, Heatstroke, LoveSeat, Schnitzel, Sugar, MarieCallendar, Backstop, Detention Date: 6/2/2022 Q: Schnitzel YHC arrived at 0526 to a very empty parking lot, left wondering if today were Friday.  A few cars roll in, even 0531 but according to @Heatstroke’s watch we were right at 0530, so will go with that.  Hot and muggy this […]

Calculations and Backward Routes

YHQ decided to try his hand at leading, for the first time ever, the Rolling Stone Satisfaction Cruise and Rolling Ruck workout.  After careful calculations, possibly some advanced mathematics, and geo-spacial internet tools (aka as a map), a route was crafted (inspired by past routes where runners and Ruckers could ‘race’).  The winner of the […]

Bear Crawls It Will Be!

Date: 05/24/22 Pax: Detention, Sugar, Life Alert, Chachi, Back Stop, Love Seat, Kilowatt, Peanuts, Pox, MC Q: MC Looking for rain but as usual – holds off between the 5:30 and 6:15 time span at RS… Quick disclaimer, admitting to be unreliable, and off we go. Stop to drop off phone and speaker for later- […]

Walk The Line

Pax: Life Alert, Pox, Schnitzel, Sugar, Detention, Backstop, MC, Peanuts. Q: Peanuts It was 0530 and 7 RS pax gathered in the gloom. A quick disclaimer was given and off we mosied over to Drago for some warmorama. MC decided to join us fashionably late, making a nice even 8. Warmarama: SSH, IST, Hillbillies, windmills, Penny […]

KB Flow & Pyramid

Date:  5/9/22 Pax:  Pox, Detention, Kilowatt, Cheerwine, Hot Pack, Manwich QIC:  Manwich 6 Pax arrived to put in some work on a chilly spring morning.  Short disclaimer for the F3 veterans and we began. WARM-A-RAMA: Mosey around the teachers parking lot and added in some side shuffles, carioca, high knees, butt kickers.  Circle up for […]

Rock Collection

Date:  5/3/22 Pax:  Pox, MC, Life Alert, Detention, All In, Backstop, Peanuts, Sugar, Manwich QIC:  Manwich 9 Pax in the gloom this AM to see what fun YHC had in store.  Short disclaimer for the F3 veterans and we began. WARM-A-RAMA: Circle up in place for 10 Running w/ scissors IC, 10 line hops IC, […]

A different kind of Satisfaction

7 pax joined YHC for the weekly edition of the Satisfaction Cruise, or the Rolling Ruck as the ruckers continue their numerical dominance. Hot Pack, JB and YHC for the run Sugar, Chachi, Manwich, Pox and Detention for the ruck The route is a bit more aggressive at 5+ miles – the P and the […]

The Fishbone 47

YHC rolled into the gloom after arriving home after 8pm the evening before from the Dominican Republic and was welcomed by 4 pax who weren’t on spring break hiatus…or suffering from fartsack pains.  The Thang: Disclaimer given and we were off.  The Q wasn’t all that interested in much of a big plan, and it […]

The P + Haunted Daycare Loop

The “P” + Haunted Daycare Loop 4/20/22 AO: Rolling Stone PAX: Schnitzel, Hot Pack, Soprano, Pox, Manwich, Steel Cannon QIC: Steel Cannon YHC hasn’t been running a whole lot lately.  Gotta try to be more consistent there.  What better way to hold yourself accountable than to sign up during Life Alert’s Q-Athon a couple of […]