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Kore Cillers

PAX: Detention, Clickbait, Life Alert, Love Seat, Sugar, Soprano, Schnitzel, Heatstroke, Peanuts, Kilowatt, MC, Manwich, Vespa, MasterPo Date:  9/22/2022 Q: Schnitzel Have to marvel at how 10+ PAX can arrive between 0528 and 0530.1.  Awesome temps this morning and half moon hanging upside down in the sky. Disclaimer …and still nobody has just left, once […]

Date:  9/19/22 Pax:  Peanuts, Wrong Way, Hot Pack, newly named Lil’ Heater (Hot Pack’s 2.0), Detention, Cheerwine, Kilowatt, Manwich QIC:  Manwich Hot Pack’s 2.0, FNG Lucas came back to the gloom for his second beatdown and to receive an official F3 name. Short disclaimer for the F3 veterans and we began. WARM-A-RAMA: Mosey around the […]

Nado? Just say No.

Great temps this morning, we suffered through July for mornings like this.  Upper 50s, 9 PAX gathering, most with rucks. PAX: Schnitzel, Life Alert, Love Seat, Manwich, Heatstroke, Sugar, Kumho, Wrong Way, Chachi Date: 9/14/2022 Q: Schnitzel Disclaimer Ruckers, all 7, launch.  Runners are off to the track. YHC and @LifeAlert setup cones for suicides […]

Dora 1, 2, almost 3

9 HIM (Sugar, MC, Life Alert, Clickbait, Peanuts, Vespa, LoveSeat, Soprano, and YHC) showed up as YHC picked up the Q at the evening before. I wanted another attempt at Dora and I learned from my last attempt ( WARMARAMA Run to the rock. All IC: SSH – 10X Merkins – 10X MCs – 10X […]

Rolling Stone Quarterly APFT

9 Stoners took up the challenge of the quarterly APFT. 0530 Disclaimer given and warmarama commences in lot as we wait on Love Seat…and then MC, as he must have left the house at 0530.  Probably knew where we would be, so there is that. Mosey to entrance for the Army Physical Fitness Test: 2 […]

Inaudible audible

Slightly cooler temps but heavy air, as school gets started. PAX: LifeAlert, Pox, Detention, Peanuts, Kilowatt, WrongWay, Schnitzel Date: 8/29/2022 Q: Schnitzel Disclaimer Warm-A-Rama Mosey over to the main lot and run a few lines, forwards, side-ways and backwards. Circle up. SSH x15 Penny Picker x10 Windmill x10 Merkin x10 Mnt Climbers x10 IST x15 […]

Peanuts’ Pallet of Pain

Pax: Life Alert, kilowatt, Clickbait, Sharkbait, Blindside, Vespa, Soprano, Pox, Goldenboy, Detention, Peanuts Q: Peanuts   0530 a disclaimer was given to a group of pax including 2 returning FNG’s, looking to receive acceptance into the F3 brotherhood with hopes of receiving their new name. Off we mosied to warmarama, with 3 late Pax searching […]

The Stoners on a Saturday?!

Pax: Manwich, Jimmy Buffett, Loveseat, Steel Cannon, Clickbait, Kilowatt, El Sabado, Peanuts, FNG Jamie, FNG Mike, FNG Venkat, FNG Satish Q: Heatstroke Apparently, the Stoners have bandied the idea about starting a Saturday workout, as today it finally happened.  The first Saturday each month thereafter it shall be…although this solid start might possibly make it […]