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Nado and Cruise, together again

Great temps this morning.  5 for the Cruise and 5 for the Ruck.  YHC draggd 2.0 Barnabas along, as its no fun to nado by yourself, but thankfully, a few others were not scared for some work on the track. PAX: Ruckers: Chachi, Pox, Sugar, Manwich, Kumho Runners: Heatstroke, Soprano, LoveSeat, Barnabas, Schnitzel Q: Schnitzel […]

150 slamballs

Bell Buster Backblast: Wrong Way, Detention, Pox (Q) Cool weather, minimal crowd, minimal disclaimer, lost voice due to cold so warm-o-rama was pretty light with some mosey, SSHs, penny-pickers, windmills, arm circles, and merkins. Workout, try to complete, in 32 minutes, in this order: 150 KB swings 150 KB push presses 150 KB lawn mowers […]

Bull in the Ring – Rolling Stone Edition

4/7/22   Bull in the Ring – Rolling Stone Edition   QIC:  Steel Cannon   Schnitzel, Detention, Backstop, All-in, MC, Chachi, Life Alert, Sugar, Khumo, Steel Cannon   Temp mid/upper 60’s.  Everything is wet from the rain last night.  Fortunately the 50/50 rain prediction just missed us, as it was pouring rain not too far […]