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Dawgs, MLK and the Lollipop Guild

Pax: Life Alert, Pox, Detention, Backstop, Soprano, Master Po Q: Heatstroke 5 pax joined QIC at 0530 for some POS.  Disclaimer.  Off to the Steph Curry Shooting Academy for Old People for some… Warmarama: SSH, CPs, HBs, Willie Mays Hays (obligatory “you run like Mays, but you hit like…”, MCs The Thang(s): Block Dora, (not)Lollipop […]

12 days redux

6 pax woke to a beautiful morn for improvement. 0530 disclaimer and mosey time PAX: Sugar, Schnitzel, Detention, Backstop, Manwhich, Life Alert Q: Life Alert 12/16/2022 WARMARAM mosey to through the pick up line with some but kickers, high knees, and pox side stretch thing. We all agreed that no-one was doing it right. Not […]

Running with Scissors every 7 years

Just about perfect weather this morning, slight chill, with a half moon dangling in the sky, with a celestial circle around it which @Detention was quick to notice and predict the forthcoming rain. All present (at least those who posted) and accounted for at 05:30:20. Disclaimer I am not a professional, liable, responsible, reliable etc. […]