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F3 MeCa | February 21, 2020

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Rolling Stone


February 21, 2020 |

There is currently no evidence to support the notion that pax posted to M3 today.  #ghostblast

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February 20, 2020 |

THE MUD BOWL 6 studs made it out for some epic 3-on-3 football action this beautiful dark morning. Life Alert even came out of retirement to grace us with his presence! 🙂 5:30 disclaimer from YHC 10 SSH to throw … Read More


February 19, 2020 |

8 pax gathered in the gloom with the intent to improve themselves. 8 pax succeeded. Originally the plan was to set out and find Jiffy running through the hood but a text at 0500 that he would not be out … Read More

Threesome at the Stone

February 18, 2020 |

10 studs posted for this morning’s beatdown.  Temp in the mid-upper 40’s.  Pretty nice conditions for a workout.  Here’s how it all went down.

Let’s mosey towards HRMS to get Heatstroke to comment on YHC always going to HRMS.  Hang … Read More

A Presidential Bell Buster

February 17, 2020 |

When YHC signed up to Q today, I did so to motivate myself to get back in the gloom after the flu took me out for over a week. Then I realized that today was Presidents Day (formerly known … Read More

A Heart Shaped Sinister M3

February 14, 2020 |

3 for M3 on Valentine’s Day…lesss gooooo!

Warmarma: A mosey, side shuffles, cariocas through the HT lot and back to CB

  • Prying Goblet Squats – Rofus dubbed this move the Varitek..I like it
  • Hip thrusters – pickle pokers maybe
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Mild and dry variety pack

February 13, 2020 |

7 other Pax joined YHC in the gloom this morning to enjoy a dry and mild temp variety beatdown. YHC kept a close eye on the weather last night seeing that we were just going to be able to squeeze … Read More

Run the P

February 12, 2020 |

4 ran “The P” + Daycare to equal 4 miles.  Soprano, Heatstroke, Rufus, Steel Cannon.

3 Rucked the Greenway and looped back around thru Moss Creek to home.  Chachi, Sugar, Kilowatt.

Nice temps.  Mid 50’s.  No rain, but a lot … Read More

Slightly damp baby bridge grinders

February 11, 2020 |

5 joined YHC on a damn near 60 degree morning.  What could be better?  Where was the capacity crowd?  Anyhoo, disclaimer and we are off.

Pay the Greenway toll – 10 monkey humpers in cadence.  Not a car in sight.  … Read More

Kettlebell WODs + a throwback to the 80’s

February 10, 2020 |

YHC has to fight over the Q this morning………..ha yeah right. YHC has a very long day at work so there won’t be much creativity in this BB. The most important thing is that Heat Stroke showed up wearing a … Read More