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F3 MeCa | June 25, 2018

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Rolling Stone

PREBLAST: Upcoming SPEEDFORNEED Event at Concord Streetlight 5K 7/13/18

June 25, 2018 |


We are coming up on the Concord Streetlight 5K next month, and I’m pleased to announce we have two confirmed riders who are ready to race.  Many of you were at this race last year – … Read More

Triple Nickel Bellnado

June 25, 2018 | | One Comment

YHC was joined by Kilowatt for a slow pre run at 0505 and returned to find 6 PAX ready to start the week right with some bells.  We would not need the big boys today and they were left in … Read More

F3 Dads – Superhero Edition

June 24, 2018 | | 4 Comments

The call went out to all Dads and 2.0s for a Superhero themed F3 Dads event, and 77 of F3 MeCa’s finest Dads and 2.0s answered that call.  At 0900, YHC broke out the marginally necessary bullhorn and started the festivities with a welcome (especially to any and all FNGs), introduction of YHC and C0-Q Project, and a disclaimer.  That out of the way, it was time to get down to some Superhero training.

Warmarama: Superhero inspired – Project

  • Spidermans (aka Hillbillies) X 10 IC
  • Peter Parkers X 10 IC
  • Superman Merkins X 10 IC
  • Superman Jacks X 10 IC
  • Wolverines X 5 OYO

The Thang: – Part 1:  Superheros mosey to Harris Rd Middle School and show off their ability to handle relatively long distances (1/3 mile or so – not insignificant.)  Group counts off (by Dad) into two groups.  YHC takes one Group behind the Middle School to the track, while Project takes the other group and stays out front by the trailer.  Time for the Superheros to work on their agility and quickness.

  • On the field/track: Blob Tag.  We start with a small group as the Blob, they are “It.”  Don’t get tagged by the Blob, or you become part of the Blob.  Need agility to avoid being tagged.  Need teamwork and strategy as part of the Blob.  After shrinking the field once or twice, the Blob ends up engulfing everyone.  Switch to…
  • In front of school.  Capture the Flag.  Two flags per team, each team has half the field as their territory.  Opposing team tries to steal flags from opposing territory and return to their half of field.  If tagged on opposing team’s side, they must return to their side before returning.  If tagged with opposing team’s flag on opposing team’s side, they must drop the flag where they were tagged.  Agility and quickness again on display.

After a relatively quick game of each, it is time to return to our launch point in front of the school.  The superheros demonstrate their ability to handle a relatively long run back.  The 2.0s are rather impressive indeed.

Mary: Project

  • Captain Thor X 10 IC
  • Supermans – Long hold

The Thang: – Part 2:  The Final Fight…Water Balloon Fight!

  • What Superhero movie is complete without a big finale.  Our superheros stay in their two groups on either side of the median in the parking lot.  The nearly 2500 filled water balloons are relatively equally divided between the two teams.  YHC breaks out the bullhorn again and it is “on your marks, get set, go!”

After a solid 10 minutes of water balloon conflict, both teams exhaust their water balloons. Teams proceed to escalate to picking up bins and trying to dump on opposing players…and teammates. It’s now time to wrap it up.

COT: Lengthy Namearama with many 2.0s getting their F3 names.  We give thanks for fatherhood and our 2.0s.  Next F3 Dads event tentatively scheduled at Comanche in July.


  • I hope that everyone had as good a time as my 2.0s and I did, thanks to all for coming out!
  • Big Tclaps to Project for the Co-Q and coming up with the Superhero theme
  • More Tclaps to Project, Whatley, Life Alert, Steel Cannon & Soprano for putting in hours of work to fill the 2500 or so water balloons before the event.
  • Tclaps as well to Project’s M, who shadowed the event and captured the photos above. All 150+ plus pics can be found here
  • Kind of glad we didn’t meet the initial goal of having 10K water balloons ready for the event.  An hour long water balloon fight probably sounds better than it actually is….and then there is the clean up…
  • Speaking of clean up, thanks to so many of you who hung around and picked up balloons.  We got the balloon debris picked up rather quickly, all thanks to the group effort.
  • Best practices have been established for putting on a water balloon fight after realizing some aspects worked well, while others not so much.  Reach out for advice if you like.
  • I like the coordinated group attack strategy originally implemented by team 2, very nice:)
  • I wasn’t going to use the bullhorn, until Zima protested as he made a special trip on Friday to meet Astrovan near uptown to get it, #obligatedtouse.  That said, for a large group, it is bordering on mandatory for Namearama, as I can never hear anybody on the other side of a large circle…and this goes doubly for 2.0s.
  • Speaking of Zima, naming his 2.0 Jolly Rancher is tremendous:)
  • Forgive me for any missing names or mistakes on anyone’s names, some of the audio on my recording was difficult to hear.
  • It is truly an honor and a privilege to be a Dad.  If we put ourselves 3rd (with God 1st, and Family 2nd) we will no doubt be the best Dad’s we can be.  It was an honor to put on this event so that some memories with our 2.0s could be made.

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M3 learns its ABCs

June 22, 2018 | | 2 Comments

8 Stoners arrived in the CBA lot to find no yellow Mazda in sight.  However, as YHQ strolled up, little did the Pax know the Mazda and equipment was sitting in the ABC parking lot.  Perhaps its due to many … Read More

Dime Bag Speed

June 22, 2018 |

Another halftener at Speed to start off the weekend the right way.


=>Warm up mosey out the rabbit hole down the Parkway, up the school entrance, across the parking lot, and then to the bus lot (with some … Read More

The Brightest Morning And The Longest Day

June 21, 2018 |

9 adventurous Pax stepped into the gloom on a humid morning exploring Dorton Park as a future AO. This was their adventure:

Mosey around to Warmorama

Warmorama Side Straddle Hop x15 IC Imperial Storm Troopers x20 IC Cotton Pickers x15 … Read More

Hanging Around

June 21, 2018 | | 2 Comments

YHC jogged over to the school on fine muggy thursday morning looking forward to his first Q of doom and gloom.  10 PAX gathered about, with Marie Callender pulling in at the ripe time of 5:31 making us 11 strong. … Read More

Post Jamaica Punishment! Irie!!!!

June 19, 2018 |

A little relaxed and an extra 5lbs on board I roll in to the sight of Roomba with a few to go.  in usual Stoner fashion the crew rolls in just in time and pulls off double digits!  10 total.  … Read More

Tire Rotation

June 18, 2018 | | 3 Comments

6 men gathered to hang out at the sauna with some kettle bells plus tires to ensure the sweat never stopped. An obnoxious amount of kettle bells delivered by Heatstroke awaited us. Shovel flag not present. Temperatures in the 70s … Read More

A “Chipper” Morning

June 15, 2018 | | 2 Comments

After last week’s EPIC M3 workout with 15 showing and lots of twitter/slack traffic (so I hear), YHQ devised a plan for a large group.  At 530 a modest Pax of 7 set-out without any late comers to learn a … Read More