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F3 MeCa | October 17, 2018

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Rolling Stone

Can’t get no….. Satisfaction

October 17, 2018 | | One Comment

5 runners for a little Magic Mile at the HRMS track courtesy Hearstroke who rucked to and hitch hiked home.

3 Ruckers covered better than 2 miles with plenty of reps.  Each lizard represented 25.

air squats, Merkins, Ruck flutter … Read More

Tour of the AO, Ladder of Pain an Velcro Tattoos

October 16, 2018 | | 3 Comments

It was  a beautiful morning for a beat down 13 pax fought off the urge to spend it curled up in the fartsack and came out to climb the ladder of pain. None of the 13 was Whatley

WARMARAMA: Mosey … Read More

I’ll flip ya’, I’ll flip ya’ for real

October 15, 2018 | | One Comment

With our original Q for #bellbuster out (Whatley) due to work considerations (dang life getting in the way) YHC went ahead and filled in and decided to steal a decent portion of ideas from last Monday’s bellbuster that Pox put … Read More

The Man Maker

October 15, 2018 |

5 PAX brought up their A game to the Highland Creek Sports Club this beautiful and cool Monday morning.  Even though attendance was slightly less than last Monday, the PAX put in a great day of work and put in … Read More

People’s Parachute

October 13, 2018 | | One Comment

15 1/4 of MECA’s finest ventured around MCP for a people’s Q with a parachute appetizer.

The Thang: =>Warm up mosey to top parking lot with curb touches, defensive slides, skips and backwards run.

Warmarama (Pavarotti)

No Bells…just balls

October 12, 2018 | | One Comment

9 Stoners arrived for their doctor prescribed weekly dosage of M3 at F3; to the surprise of the Pax, all KBs were returned to the safety of the vehicle trunks.  Instead, a variety of 18 to 20lb homemade slam balls, … Read More

Speed and Agility – aka The Fast & Furious

October 12, 2018 | | 2 Comments

The much needed cooler weather brought in 8 PAX, unless the PAX were lured and intrigued by the whisper about potential props being used for the workout. props to Speed & Agility.  Yours truly would like to believe the PAX … Read More

Hurricane Michael visits the Stone

October 11, 2018 | | One Comment

10 manly PAX posted at Rolling Stone for a good old-fashioned, soaking-wet beatdown just as what was left of Hurricane Michael was starting to come through the area.

Quick disclaimer and mosey to lawn in front of HRMS.

Warm up

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MeCa Q School – Skywalker Edition

October 10, 2018 | | One Comment

0500 – 7 new…ish PAX rise early and step up for a little Q Schooling.  Buckwheat and YHC guide the PAX on some of the finer points of F3 as well as how to properly count cadence.  The PAX do … Read More

Marquette Splash Loop

October 10, 2018 | | One Comment

6 regular Stoners were lured out into the gloom by the beautiful weather forecast, and 2 Precinct visitors came to collect their Rolling Stone passport stamp. The rain would start a few minutes in and keep us cool for the … Read More