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Tres for No Mas

PAX: The Burgh, Heisenberg, Schnitzel Date: 6/3/2022 Q: Schnitzel YHC pulled to a near empty corner, usually hustling and bustling with PAX waiting to sweat up a storm or at least a line of cars parked along the road.  Today was TheBurgh and Heisenberg, and 2 cars.  This will make a perfect partner-up beatdown.  It […]

Failure Was An Option!

What a day….what a day!  Thank you for 9 other studs, 5 of which was RESPECTS, that represented today for a day that didn’t let the fart sack win!  10 people in total and half of the group was RESPECTS!  Age isn’t nothing but a thing! The pre-blast warned about failure may be begin an […]

Math is hard but we got to 600

Pax: Grandmaster, Big Tuna QIC: The Big Show After a little prerun to test out his new kicks YHC brought a little weight day Q! WARMARAMA: Arm Circles, Windmills and ISTs got the blood flowing and the engines warmed up. 600 reps: Inspired by his race weekend experience, the QIC led two other PAX in […]

Too many smokes

When: 5/25/2022 QIC: Java The Pax: Gunny, Grand Master. Risky Business, The Big Show, The Burgh, The THANG Mosie to Biotech Lane parking lot for warmarama, find a parking block perform dip then shift left dip / right dip etc. Mountain climbers, windmills, side straddle hops, BSNs. Mosie to the North RC Community College parking […]

Weighted Workout in a Box!

Date: 5/24/22 QIC: Big Tuna PAX: Grandmaster, The Burgh, The Big Show, Sir Topham Hatt Starting over!!! Today was my first Q at a new AO since moving to K-Town last week. They say that its always best to Q what you like doing – for me that is more lifting and body weight work […]

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Date: 5/21/22 QIC: Grandmaster PAX: Pheidippides, Steel Cannon Not gonna lie, I was a little scared. 0655 and YHC was standing alone on the corner. Was this going to be a solo Q? Would that change the beatdown? That question would have to wait for another day, b/c at 0657 Phidip bolted onto the scene […]

High School Run Club

9 of Kannons finest took off for a run down to Kannapolis high, back up the lovely hill and around for a k-town run. Sir Topham was the Q teaching the runners where to go. The Burgh has been looking really strong. It was good seeing Trickdaddy trying to get his legs back. Risky was […]

Cinco De 18th?

It was a glorious morning and the Q was completely in awe of the 10 other PAX that joined him for a beautiful beatdown in the gloom! We have Gunny on the mend so we missed him.  Once Java arrived we all new we would be striving for 2nd best or at least not trying […]

Stairway to…is this Heaven?

Pax: TheBurgh, Grandmaster, Squid   QIC: The Big Show   According to Risky Business Tuesday morning weight day isn’t a good enough workout so he fart sacks. Well the QIC sought to bring the pain and prove the young fart sacker wrong. We embarked on a stairway to what some would call heaven and others […]

All of the lights

PAX: Squid , Gunny, Grandmaster, Heisenberg, QIC: Java WARMORAMA: Mosey up parking deck exercises at every level including Mountain climbers, Earl grey’s, plank, The THANG: mosey to inner circle group split into two groups running opposite directions around inner loop. When pax pass each other 3x burpees are performed. When pax come across red light […]