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F3 MeCa | March 23, 2019

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Parking Lot Antics

March 22, 2019 |

8 Pax from Kannon and 2 visitors from Rollingstone decided to meet this this early morning to participate in a little fun at Crossfit Kannon with your QIC.  After the requisite disclaimer it was off to to begin the morning

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#f3mentalbattle 3/27/19

March 21, 2019 |


When: Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Where: COT of your beatdown

What: F3 Louisville has created #f3mentalbattle where the goal is to bring awareness to mental health issues that affect everyone, with a particular focus on adult men, where mental … Read More

Be There and Be Square

March 20, 2019 |

6 PAX decided to take on the challenged issued by the QIC in the Preblast from the night before. It was a beautiful clear and cool 30 degree morning. The full moon lit up the gloom as the PAX gathered … Read More

Kannonball takes on Goldston

March 18, 2019 |

5 men awoke to colder temperatures than expected but didn’t let that deter them from starting the week off right with their DRP. YHC went to bed planning on 40s for the temp but had to change attire when he … Read More

Village Park Failure

March 16, 2019 |

8 ventured out on a dry but windy Kannapolis morning.

Warm-up: Mosey to CU Parking Lot for 20 SSH, 15 Hillbillies and 2 10 count Hamstring stretch

Thang: 4 Exercise Spots for a high rep count challenge. With a run … Read More

Raise the Bar!

March 15, 2019 |

9 yes 9 bAAAAAAAd men! posted courageously for undoudtedly the best, the greatest, the most awesome beatdown EVER!!! the air was mild but sticky and soon to be moist!

We waited about 10 seconds for G Vegas and Chicken Strip, … Read More

Pick Their Pain

March 13, 2019 |

It was a beautiful morning with clear skies and a little bit of a chill in the air 17 pax rose for the fartsack 5 of which immediately laid back down, 2-3 we have no idea what happen to because … Read More

Monday run day @ the Mill

March 11, 2019 |

Warmarama:  Jog to the eternal flame for some Side Straddle Hops, ISTs and Cotton Pickers. Indian Run to the parking deck.

The Run:

Very different from the normal run days.  “Parloff” was the word of the day.  Parloffs are similar … Read More

Climbing Ladders at the Mill

March 9, 2019 |

Six men rose to the challenge of the DRP this fine Saturday morning. Even with the overcast skies the day seemed bright and airy. Probably, because there had been minimal exposure to Backdraft this week. 

Here’s how the morning unfolded.

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The Iron Men and dining stories

March 8, 2019 |

Eight men made it out to the Mill to get some action in before the weekend and storytelling by Catfish and his culinary adventures in Houston, eating Vietnamese and a cajun seafood chain on Fat Tuesday.  What, no Texas Q?

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