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F3 MeCa | March 27, 2020

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MeCa – COVID-19

March 27, 2020 |

Well gentlemen, crazy times out there for sure.

On St. Patrick’s Day, in an effort to combat the spread of COVID-19 in our community, we officially suspended group workouts here in MeCa and would reassess by March 30th.  With the … Read More

Friday morning virtual beat down (pre-blast)

March 26, 2020 |

Alright pax, it’s time for YHC’s virtual VQ.  After greeting the imaginary pax, it’s time for the disclaimer and a mosey.  Head down your street, return to your start point or designated warm-o-rama spot.


First Kannon Virtual Beatdown

March 18, 2020 |

4 PAX (the Q thinks) joined the QIC for the first Kannon Virtual Beatdown and maybe the only. Due to COVID-19 there has been a lot of, and I mean A LOT of discussion on whether PAX should post for … Read More

Indian Trials at The Mill

March 17, 2020 |

The Monday Run Day THANG: Run south west down main street, north east down Loop Rd to Village Park, down the Greenway for some group running: 1st Indian Run. then a faster Indian Run. 3rd weaving Indian Run. 4th an … Read More

Stepping Off at The Mill

March 14, 2020 |

Warmarama:   Mosey down to the Veterans Memorial for a random amount of several exercises.  This seemed to either confuse or infuriate Fire Chicken or maybe both so I kept it up.  Random amount of side straddle hops.  I think 18.  … Read More

Rock’n at Kannon-NoCountry

March 13, 2020 |

12 PAX participated in an eclectic musical journey of pain stations in and out of the rain.  I found the parking garage to be very convenient in case of rain, complete with coupons and dip apparatus ( We’ll need both … Read More

Light Post Lap

March 12, 2020 |

9 PAX joined the QIC, posting on this warm early spring morn. No rain and warm temps were welcome after all of the rain we have had. YHC was just glad to be back in the saddle after being down … Read More

PRs a Plenty at the Mill

March 9, 2020 |

9 men escaped the fartsack and strapped on their running shoes, this morning to get an early start on the week and run a few miles with their brothers.  YHC has friends in other AOs, both real and imaginary, and … Read More

Too Much Backdraft

March 7, 2020 |

Oh the joys of being an MQ. BD gets voluntold to fill in the last spot on the March Q schedule then promptly gets “sick” and can’t perform his duties. So it falls to YHC cover for him. Since BD … Read More

Hi Men, Arms Again

March 6, 2020 |

WARMORAMA: 18 pax mosey to parking deck for 25 SSHs IC, 15 ISTs IC, 10 BSNs and then pick up a plate from the secret hiding spot

The THANG: Mosey to the Inner Loop with plates in hand for some … Read More