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F3 MeCa | May 31, 2020

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West Avenue DORA

May 30, 2020 |

Seven men gathered in the early morning gloom to partner up and get sweaty. To bad Fire Chicken couldn’t get out of bed or it would have been even teams. Of course Chicken Strip could have made it even also. … Read More

Breakin’ the law modified Murph

May 26, 2020 |

8 men embarked, the ninth joined late, on a beautiful Saturday morning to feel some pain but little did the YHC know some of us would become law breakers….moleskin will reveal the details….

THE THANG: Mosey in a hurry to … Read More

Veterans Run at the Mill

May 25, 2020 |

Eight pax honored our veterans on an extended run day at the Mill. We ran a loop around 8 miles stopping at flagpoles and other intervals to share the names of veterans we were running in honor of this Memorial … Read More

Foggy morning back in the gloom

May 22, 2020 |

04:45 and the alarm clock goes off.  YHC is crawling out of bed for the his first Q in quite some time.  How does it go, “one-two-three, one?”  Quite the foggy start driving into Cannon Village, but a handful of … Read More

Weezer, Gimpy and return of the Squid

May 19, 2020 |

Run, that’s what we do, and so that’s what we did. North on Main to 8th. Take the Greenway around through Baskets Creek Park, Hans a right on Goldston up to West C. Follow the Loop to Suicide Hill for … Read More

The Octagon (Spider in Concord)

May 15, 2020 |

Warm-up: Mosey around the U to Wake Forest for 20 SSH, 15 Hillbillies and 10 count L/R R/L Thang: Mosey to Trailer Parking lot where 8 orange cones were set-up in a large octagon around the center light post. 8 … Read More


May 13, 2020 |

I will not fartsack a beatdown when I have the Q. I will not fartsack a beatdown when I have the Q. I will not fartsack a beatdown when I have the Q. I will not fartsack a beatdown when … Read More

BACKBLAST – F3Kannon – Battle for the High Ground

May 11, 2020 |

9 pax showed up on one of the last chilly mornings of spring to give this pipe dream of a competition a try. Needless to say, any time you come up with something new, write down your instructions and read … Read More

Back to The Grind and Gloom

May 10, 2020 |

2 PAX joined the QIC for the first Kannon Phase I Beatdown. It was a beautiful morning, and unseasonably cold (YHC is ready for Spring and Summer). I guess the threat of the QIC’s beatdown scared off a few regulars, … Read More

We’re back.

May 9, 2020 |

Some of us hadn’t seen each other in months.  Some of us had.  Some had gotten fat and out of shape.  Others had become more sharpened.  Regardless, like we had many times before, we gathered in the new dawn sun … Read More