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45 Trips Around the Sun – Day 3

PAX: The Burgh, SirTopEm, Cupid, Schnitzel, Barnabas, FNG Ricochet QIC: Grandmaster DAY 3: Again the weather was just as the Q ordered to help with the mission of transforming these men into mighty warriors.  TheBurgh was back as the only subject to complete three days of trials and testing thus far. A certain Pax promised […]

45 Trips Around the Sun – Day 2

PAX: Backdraft, Big Tuna, TheBurgh QIC: Grandmaster DAY 2: As requested, temperatures and humidity were high and the air was still as we gathered on the street corner with weight in hand. Well, most had weight in hand. Some arrived unprepared.  The Q had to loan a kettlebell to one of the pax whom shall […]

45 Trips Around the Sun – Day 1

PAX: TheBurgh, Big Tuna, Loafer, Trick Daddy, Cupid, Sir Topem QIC: Grandmaster DAY 1: The week of Iron Master has begun and so far the victims, uh participants, suspect nothing. My efforts to prepare the men for summer were started by ordering up dose of heat and humidity. The Sky Q came through on that […]

A Big Bald Ladder

Pax: The Burgh, Squid, Barnabas, Gunny, Schnitzel, Grandmaster, Risky Business, Loafer and Sir Topham Hatt QIC: The Big Show The preblast warned of a bald man and some horseshoes and that is what YHC delivered. Here’s how it went down. The Big Show showed up rocking the bald head and the sweat began rolling. WARMARAMA: […]

F3Kannon – Busboy Shuffle

Q – Cupid Pax – Grandmaster, Heisenberg, Snowman, Cupid 3 pax showed up to learn the busboy shuffle. As highschooler, I had the experience of bussing and dishwashing at a seafood restaurant for 2 years. It taught me a lot and made me smell like a filet-O-fish sandwich. Couldn’t resist the urge to do something […]

Tres for No Mas

PAX: The Burgh, Heisenberg, Schnitzel Date: 6/3/2022 Q: Schnitzel YHC pulled to a near empty corner, usually hustling and bustling with PAX waiting to sweat up a storm or at least a line of cars parked along the road.  Today was TheBurgh and Heisenberg, and 2 cars.  This will make a perfect partner-up beatdown.  It […]

Failure Was An Option!

What a day….what a day!  Thank you for 9 other studs, 5 of which was RESPECTS, that represented today for a day that didn’t let the fart sack win!  10 people in total and half of the group was RESPECTS!  Age isn’t nothing but a thing! The pre-blast warned about failure may be begin an […]

Math is hard but we got to 600

Pax: Grandmaster, Big Tuna QIC: The Big Show After a little prerun to test out his new kicks YHC brought a little weight day Q! WARMARAMA: Arm Circles, Windmills and ISTs got the blood flowing and the engines warmed up. 600 reps: Inspired by his race weekend experience, the QIC led two other PAX in […]