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F3 MeCa | May 31, 2020

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Born Free

July 2, 2018 |

9 men made the hard choice this morning.  75 degrees, humid, and tired from a long weekend wasn’t going to prevent us from getting stronger together this morning.  As George Washington once said (at least according to Google), “It is … Read More

That Field Is Closed!

June 30, 2018 | 1

17 Pax and 2.0’s came out to push themselves this morning, and all left wringing wet with sweat on this muggiest of mornings. This is what we did:

  1. Mosey to parking lot at west side of field
  2. Warm-a-rama

Head to Toe KBs

June 29, 2018 |

6 mighty men of H’burg showed up for a head to toe KB workout. Thankfully no heads or toes were injured in the process. Here’s how it went:


Mosey to the far end of parking lot

Round 2.

June 28, 2018 | 1

10 of The Burg’s own came out swinging for Round 2.  The pre-game tailgate was a bit lack luster, hearing of those who “almost” ran last night and the feeling of coolness being related to the “doo” point…..I am not … Read More

Even my shoelaces were sweating

June 27, 2018 |

7 men ventured into the hazy gloom to run some hills at the familiar battleground that is #Pitchfork.  Some of us ran faster than others.  Some ran farther.  We all got better, despite the humidity trying to hold us back.

Read More

DRP at The Ridge

June 26, 2018 | 3

11 (eventually) responded to the invite to raise the bar this morning and put in some work. Hopefully we accomplished that, but either way, they were clearly up for the challenge. Perhaps some were off playing in some kiddie pool, … Read More

Challenge Patch Program Continues with the Triple Nickel

June 25, 2018 | 1

**Update**  Oops, we ordered too many patches!  That is good news for you.  We will be running the Triple Nickel Challenge again in September.  The first 15 pax to register are guaranteed a patch if they complete the challenge, after … Read More

PREBLAST: Upcoming SPEEDFORNEED Event at Concord Streetlight 5K 7/13/18

June 25, 2018 | 1


We are coming up on the Concord Streetlight 5K next month, and I’m pleased to announce we have two confirmed riders who are ready to race.  Many of you were at this race last year – … Read More

The June Murph

June 25, 2018 |

On a swampy morning, six of Harrisburg’s finest said goodbye to June at Stallings Road Park to honor Navy Seal Lt. Michael P. Murphy. Here’s how it went:

The Murph

1 mile run 100 Pull-ups 200 Mericans 300 Air squats 1 … Read More


June 23, 2018 | 1

11 Men stepped into the cool, crisp June Gloom to get a little better.  YHC thought he would bring out an #OldSkool beatdown since some of the PAX think we are getting a little soft. To bad they didn’t show … Read More