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The BBQ Route

5 of Harrisburg’s elite runners, Dixie and YHC braved the early morning gloom to run what I’ve been calling The BBQ Route. The Thang   Start at Main/Town Hall Right on Physicians Right on Roberta Left on Parallel and merge onto Plaza Cross Morehead onto Valhalla Right on Williams Left on Valhalla Right on Morehead Left […]


16 Harrisburgians (Harrisburgers?) defeated the fartsack and took on the gloom. It went something like this: WARMUP Mosey to suicide lot with high knees & buttkickers Imperial Stormtrooper x10 Windmill x10 Air Squat x15 Merkins x10 Bear Crawl Suicides (sprint up 2 lines, bear crawl back 1 line) Jack Webbs 1×1 to 8×8 THE THANG […]

“I hate you and not in the best possible way”

21 MECA Pax posted to a workout that YHC on the drive there wished he hadn’t preblasted as he knew it would be that awful. What’s the hardest post in MECA/Isotope? El Dorado What is the hardest WIB in MECA/Isotope? Sharknado So why not put them together? Run .9 Miles to El Dorado 15 Burpees […]

Breaking the Record

A Warrior One record nine Pax, including one visitor from Tradition and one from Area 51, posted for some flexibility, balance and core work. x-denotes four-count cadence. Warmup: Plank Series, including: Plank~20 secs, Merkins x10, Plank~20 secs, Side Plank w/hip dips R/L-6 reps, Down Dog, Three Levels Plank~15 secs each level, Mountain Climber Prep  R/L-6 […]

Warrior One Q Tips

Purpose of Warrior One:                                                                              Warrior One is a workout intended to develop the flexibility, balance and core strength of the PAX.  Although it is modeled after contemporary Yoga practices it is not limited to Yoga poses and is open to Q interpretation.   Any stretches, balances or core strengthening exercises which further Warrior One’s purpose are […]