Category: Harrisburg

Rail Yard Intervals

Date: 06/25/22 Pax: (in order of appearance) Gamma, Mullet, Kojak, Zin, Escalade, Talladega, Gapper, Misfire, Constitution, Magic Mike, Dick Tracey, Tumbler, Triple Threat QIC: Gamma While others worked on their soccer arms, or didn’t work at all, 13 pushed themselves in a full-body interval workout at The Rail Yard. Warm-up run to the far side […]

Wussfest ’22

10 Men pulled up their Big Boy Jock Straps and made it happen at Tha Ridge this morning. As promised, it wasn’t going to be the Wussfest that @Banjoboy put out there on Tuesday… The Deets Pax: Smokey, Gapper, Wexler, Battery, Bird Cage, Hootie, Camden, Dr. Lecter, Hacksaw, Solo Cup QIC: Solo Cup Warm Up […]

Pitchfork Week 4: Local Legend Unchanged

Date: 06/22/22 PAX: SS Minnow, Birdcage, Bonvoy, Battery, Wexler, T-Bone, Banjo Boy, Bearclaw, Hot Dog, Papa John, Exit 54 Q: Exit 54 ANNOUNCEMENT: Don’t forget the 5K this weekend being put on by Thickburger and Deadhead’s fraternity. See them for details. Ten runners and one biker were out on the hills of Abbington doing their […]

No running

6/21/22 Pax: Vin, Solo Cup, Wexler, Practice, Gamma, TBone, Clueless, Starsky, Smokey, Battery, Tar Tar, Bear Claw, Deadhead, Dr Lecter, SS Minnow, Banjo Boy QIC: Banjo Boy 16 thought a run-less workout might be a nice break. We all got stronger anyway. Here’s The Thing: Standing around, enjoying the morning and then stroll over to […]

Double Up!

PAX: Gamma, Othello, Yahtzee, Kojak, Hacksaw, TBone, Clueless, Jiffy, Deadhead, FNG Justin On an welcomingly cool Gloom 10 HIMs took to the town center for another rendition of the world famous circuit breaker. At 0529 a disclaimer was given and off we went.   THE THANG Extinction Mile warm-up then assemble by Hawthorne’s. 5 burpees […]

AMRAP under the Strawberry Moon

13 of Harrisburg’s finest met under the glow of the Strawberry Moon Pax: Gamma, Minion, Clueless, Pancake, Bird Cage, Papa John, Tar Tar, Practice, Battery, Expresso, Dead Head, Dr. Lecter (chime in if I missed anyone) QIC: SS Minnow   Warm-o-rama Mosey across parking lot side straddle hops imperial storm troopers windmills merkins mountain climbers […]

You know, this ain’t Road Warrior

Pax: Clueless, Othello, T-Bone, Deadhead, Battery, Peppa, Wexler, Kojak, Dick Tracy Q: Dr. Lecter Date: 6/13/22   10 men laced up their running shoes for a Road Warrior-esque boot camp at Circuit Breaker. YHC has been really slacking this year and needs to run more, so he looked back through Strava for a Circuit Breaker […]