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The Triple Nickel

Perfect weather, a sunrise and bright smiling faces… what could be better for a early morning beatdown. So 4 men got after it today doing the Triple Nickel. It is a series of 3 different exercises, all done within 1 minute sets. Multiply this by 5 and you get one of the 5 “nickels”. The […]

Track and Bench Work

Today, 4 men worked on their cardio-endurance at the Ridge Road Elementary track field. The temperature was great, but the humidity was very high. There was no small amount of sweating! While running is NOT YHC’s favorite thing, we kept running down to the bare minimum with this cardio-heavy leg-heavy workout. Sprint training is good […]

Roll of the Dice!

4 men showed up strong for a fun Roll of the Dice workout. Ridge Road Middle School staff found it amusing to see dice with a workout… go figure. After a brief disclaimer, we got after it like this: Warmarama 19 SSH 12 IST 12 Windmills 12 Hillbillies 12 Penny Pickers 10 Merkins The Thang […]