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Inferno at M3

After missing double digits on Wednesday for the first time in 2 weeks, the Pax made a strong showing with a record 15 for a M3 workout.  At 5:29 YHQ was frantically trying to write down everyone name on the whiteboard; Firestone, showing up for his first taste of M3, said – hey this looks […]

Where’s Bagheera?

It was a great morning, low humidity, little cool but the scheduled Q was sidelined due to back pain associated with long periods of standing followed by long periods of more standing.  Not sure what old Baggy had in mind, not sure he did either, but the 1.0 went to an old stand by that many of […]

Oddly Even

YHC rolled into CBA at 0525 in perfect weather (AKA “suck it bros”) to serve as the second of 17 Pax to step up to Heatstroke’s Q challenge for June. 69F and not too humid. At 0530, 8 Pax show, quick DISCLAIMER and then a mosey around the HT parking lot. WARMARAMA. All IC: SSH […]


9 Stoners + 1 FNG (thanks to Sparknut) arrived in the gloom to make it a perfect week of double digits for Rolling Stone.  After a little set-up in the HT parking lot with KBs and slam balls, it went down like this: Warm-o-rama: mosey around lot, add-in karaoke Warm-o-rama COP: SSHx15, Cotton Pickersx10, tempo merkinsx10, toe […]

The Lasso…or maybe the Pax St P

YHC started fiddling around with Strava yesterday evening looking to run a route that did not involve the following: Haunted Daycare, The P, The Greenway.  Was looking for a little elevation as well, hey, there’s a hill right by YHC’s driveway…hmmm.  Also needed a way for runners of various levels to manage the route themselves. […]