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YHC arrived at CB extremely early (0522 or so) to crisp, 59 degree, “suck it bros” weather conditions  to assess the lighting conditions at our general location.  The lights were pretty much still all out as they have been for going over a week now.  It would be nice if we knew a business owner […]

Baseball audible?

5 dedicated stoners showed to see what i had in mind.  I guess i scarred everyone off with the sharknado cryptic message. Warm up-Mosey around parking lot to school.   SSH, PArker peter parker, Cotton picker, Wind Mill all CIC Note reps cut because of less pax. F3 Baseball: Performed on a baseball diamond or using […]

F3 Dads Comanche: Was it 150% humidity or 150+ PaX and Kids? Perhaps both!

  First of all…. Wow, what a great morning! 150+ (I think 153 or 154) Pax and 2.0s got out of the #Fartsack to have some fun and bonding time this morning!    In addition, it felt like 150% humidity! Last week we had about 20 HCs, but in the last few days, those HCs […]