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“I hate you and not in the best possible way”

21 MECA Pax posted to a workout that YHC on the drive there wished he hadn’t preblasted as he knew it would be that awful. What’s the hardest post in MECA/Isotope? El Dorado What is the hardest WIB in MECA/Isotope? Sharknado So why not put them together? Run .9 Miles to El Dorado 15 Burpees […]


15 brave men showed up for Speed.  Some interesting facts and definitions of speed were shared and then we dove right into it. The Thang: Mosey to basket ball courts. 3 Frodo’s: 1-then 20 Lunges (hands on head), 2-then 20 jumps side-to-side, 3-then 20 squats. Mosey to Skyline. 3 Up the Hill: 1-then 20 Lunges […]

Warrior One Q Tips

Purpose of Warrior One:                                                                              Warrior One is a workout intended to develop the flexibility, balance and core strength of the PAX.  Although it is modeled after contemporary Yoga practices it is not limited to Yoga poses and is open to Q interpretation.   Any stretches, balances or core strengthening exercises which further Warrior One’s purpose are […]