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All the Muscles

15, including a visiting Cheesehead, did all the upper body work they could handle for one morning. The 12oz curls may be a little more difficult this evening. Pax: Toolbelt, SS Minnow, Deadhead, Exit54, Kojak, Mad Dog, Sheepdog, Goldrush, Othello, Constitution, JD, Uncle Floyd, Bear Claw, Minion, Gamma QIC: Gamma #disclaimer(ish) Warm-Up High Knees The […]

Yo Quiero Taco Bell Trot

Moleskin There’s the Shamrock route, there’s Pitchfork, you have the extinction mile, and now you have the Taco Bell Trot. The deluge over the last few days left the course flooded and only the most nimble of feet were able to avoid a puddle plunge! Exit54 came out for a valiant post sick effort. T-Claps […]

After Christmas Special

PAX: @Constitution, @Maddog, @Othello, @SS Minnow, @Uncle Floyd, @JD Maybe it was too many Christmas goodies, or maybe it was too much down time,  or maybe they just wanted to get out and push themselves. Whatever the reason, six fine F3 men showed for an old-fashioned F3 beatdown and I hope you were not disappointed. […]

Burning Off Those Desserts

Pax: @SSMinnow @Deadhead @MadDog @Constitution Q: @Othello Four, Christmas dessert-eating, over-indulgent Pax came out to burn off a few calories so they could get back to their God-Bod and see that six-pack again.  The others didn’t and are happy with ditching their bikini and going back to a one-piece this summer.  At 0525 YHC stepped […]

Christmas Murph

Half a dozen of Harrisburg’s finest posted for the Murph on a beautiful Christmas morning. No disclaimer and no review of the workout – nothing but pros this morning so we just got after it. 1 Mile Run 100 Pullups 200 Pushups 300 Squats 1 Mile Run COT Moleskin 1. Thanks for joining me this […]

Swinging of the Bells

The 11th Day of Christmas brought us kettlebells-a-swinging, as well as 11 men who chose to work hard this morning. Date: 12/22/23 Workout: Harrisburg Iron Pax: JD, Bear Claw, Hacksaw, Mad Dog, Deadhead, Othello, Uncle Floyd, Kojak, Constitution, Magic Mike, Gamma QIC: Gamma #disclaimer Warm-Up High Knees Various stretches Yurpee with a few more stretches […]

Lotsa leaping

8 other STUDS joined YHC on the 10th day of the 12 days of Christmas challenge.  The 10th day is lords a leaping so a leaping we would do.  The clock hit 0530 so off we went.  It went like this…   WARMUP IST Merkins Windmills Mountain Climbers Seal Claps OH Claps 10 SSH’s between […]

4 for the 8th

Date: 12/19/2023 PAX: Uncle Floyd, Othello, Constitution Q: Hacksaw A crisp, chilly 8th day of christmas brought the 4 Horsemen of the Ridge together for a tried and true YHC favorite beatdown, with a few wrinkles and coupon addition, here is how it went@! Warm-up Mosey around SSH x 10 IST x 10 Hillbillies x […]