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Stairway to… King Tiger?

DATE: 12/19/22 PAX: Peppa, Kojak, Gamma, Othello, Exit 54 QIC: Exit 54 Five cold weather warriors kicked off this festive week with a holiday-themed Circuit Breaker… WARMUP: run the half mile loop, meet up in front of Hawthorne’s for further instructions. THE THANG: 12 rounds, each round layers on another exercise. Run up and down […]

Working Title

5 Harrisburg HIMs were undeterred by a confusing pre-blast and showed up for an unintentionally run heavy circuit breaker. Here’s how it went.   Extinction Mile Venture is home (and corner 4) each time you touch home, do 10, ehhh 5 burpees. Corner 1: 10 wide mericans, return home. Run to corner 2, stopping again […]

The Boxer

Date: 12/10/22 Pax: Mullet, Mad Dog, Sugar, SS Minnow, Deadhead, Gamma QIC: Gamma Six came out to (unknowingly) celebrate Percent’s four-year anniversary by doing some of the things the Q called out. Warm-up 1/4 mile run around the track Slow Yurpees/Mericans Mountain Climbers x15 Couple more Yurpees/Mericans Low Slow Squats x5 1/4 mile run the […]

Good Scottish Weather

Wednesday, December 7th, 2022 Seven of Harrisburg’s runners ventured out into the foggy gloom to run Shamrock road and get a little better.  At 5:29 there was a quick briefing to make sure everyone knows what we were doing and then we set off at 5:30 on the dot.  There was a 3 mile option […]

Second Verse, Same As The First!

On an unseasonably warm foggy morning, 7 Harrisburg HIMs gathered to get better. As the clock struck 0530, off we went. Mosey to the front of the school for… WARM-O-RAMA SSH x 10 Windmill x 10 Mountain Climber x 10 THE THANG Line up along the parking lot for bbBLIMPS (Backpedaling, Butt-Kickin’ BLIMPS) Start at […]

Conquering the Ridge

AO: F3Harrisburg Q: Dr. Lecter PAX: SheepDog, Wexler, Battery, gamma, Othello, TarTar, tbone, SS Minnow, Bearclaw, Slash FNGs: None COUNT: 11 11 were not deterred by the threat of rain nor a Lecter beatdown. 5:30 hit, a brief disclaimer was given and off we went. Mosey to the base of the Ridge. WARMUP: SSH x15 […]

Herding Cats

Date: 12/05/22 Pax: Othello, Kojak, Exit54, Peppa, Hot Dog, Bear Claw, Dr. Lecter, Battery, Gamma QIC: Gamma 9 kicked off the week with another you vs. you challenge. It went something like this… 1.5 Mile Warm-Up Run Then 4 rounds of: 5 Burpees 10 Side Plank Dips 15 WWIIs 20 SSHs 15 Wide Mericans 10 […]

No Ragrets

A dirty dozen showed up this warm December morning to get it done! The Warm-Up Side Straddle Hop, Imperial Storm Trooper, Wind Mill, Jump Rope, Merkins, Hill Billies, Monkey Humpers Merkin Indian Skip to Library Parking Lot In between each exercise we would take a lap around the island. Everyone stayed on the lead lap. […]