Category: The Dawg House

Back to School at the Dawg House

QIC wanted to provide some continuing education to the 10 dedicated PAX who posted on this cold morning. So an A-Z chart with an exercise assigned to each letter was created with the idea that each PAX would spell their full name with pain. But in true F3 spirit, QIC wanted all to suffer the […]

Whetstone Preblast

MeCa Pax, Are you in need of “sharpening” in your life that includes but also goes beyond the 1st F? Do you desire to share what you have learned in your life journey so that you can impact the life of another man? If you answered yes to either of these, then F3 Whetstone is […]

Friday cruise with some pain…

YHC was scared of rain and skipped the Friday cruise like tre rest of the Dawgs, except Berlin #respect.  As a make up, YHC decided to change plans and make Friday run heavy.  It went something like this… Warm-a-rama Mosey about for a bit… then circle up. SSH – x20 IC, Hillbilly x15 IC, Windmills x10 […]

Off to the Races!

Following up on the Dawg Track workout from Tuesday a group of 7 Dawgs hit the streets for some more speed work.  After a 3 – 4 mile mosey through the neighborhood the Dawgs gathered together and set up a handicapped race back to the House.  Runners were started based upon their projected pace. (slower […]

Speed work at the Dawg Track

7 Dawgs went racing today on the half mile track! 1 mile warm up partner up and race around the block in opposite directions meet your partner and return the way you came trying to push the meet point in your partners direction! 2 times in same direction then 2 more times in the opposite […]