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Preblast: Wings of Eagles Ranch Continues To Shine

Wings of Eagles Ranch continues to shine in their service to the special needs population in our community. They are gearing up for the upcoming summer season and, as always, have some carpentry and landscaping projects that could use help from some able bodied MeCa HIMs. Saturday, May 19 at 9:00am, is the date / […]

Walmart Flyby Cruise…

4 Dawgs got loose out of the hood during the Thursday cruise.  The Pax requested a Walmart flyby run, so that is what they got. Pax got in 5 to 5.5 miles. Great job by all! Announcements: Dawg House Shirt Order is in! Dawghouse has a F3 MudRun team locked and loaded for May 19th. […]

A cruise around the Yard

9 of the area’s mightiest showed up to the Dawghouse with their running shoes on after being forewarned on Slack.  YHC knew we may be heading to some dark spots of the AO so the headlamp made some of the PAX question what was on the agenda.  So no more waiting and off we went…………. […]

Reverse Bird Run Fire Drill

4 Dawgs out for a warm Thursday cruise thru the hood.  Talladega requested a reverse Bird Run, so that is what he got.  Pace was strong with the Dawgs today and the Pax all got in 5 to 5.5 miles.  Great jog by all! Nice turn out at the HDHH on Wednesday.  Always great to […]

Might want to check for ticks

Five men met in the gloom at the turn-1 parking lot at Charlotte Motor Speedway. The breezy 57 degree weather was ideal for a workout and this is how it went: Mosey across the turn 1 parking lot with butt kickers and high knees Warm-o-rama SSH, IST, windmill, merkins, mountain climbers, burpees The Thang Mosey […]

Not a run day…

YHC checked the Q sign up late on Thursday and it was still sitting there empty.  Before pulling the trigger, YHC wanted to think of something different (if possible) that the Dawgs had not done in a while.  Since we had a pretty tough run on Thursday morning, the no run beatdown came to mind […]

Running of the Dawgs

6 Dawgs out for a warm but windy cruise around thru the hood, around the apartments, over to Walmart, and back to the kennel. Pax all got in 5 to 6 miles. Good to have a special guest star (Flip Phone) cruising with the Dawgs. Announcements: Operation Sweet Tooth is having their Christina Latini 8k/2Mile […]

I want to see the pain on their faces

After spending a week trying to get Hokie Pokie to take the Q with no success (You are still on the clock HP) I reluctantly signed up the night before at about 10:00….  Went into the archives and pulled out an old touchdown beat down. Disclaimer (abbreviated version) Mosey – butt kickers, high knees, karaoke, […]